Helping rebellious indie authors and multipassionates to do what you love and do it your way. Dammit.

Violeta Nedkova, coach for creative rebels and multipassionates

Hey there rebel!

I'm Violeta, and I am a multipassionate, creative rebel, and always writer.

And yeah, I know what it's like to be called different and weird, and how it makes you feel like there's something wrong with you.

Listen, conforming to belong will never make you happy, and holding yourself back is depriving the world of your unique gifts and stories. With all the sameness online, we need your youness!

You deserve to get everything you want, without having to compromise who you are, what you love, or what you stand for.

No more choosing paths that don't fit and blindly following expert advice, to the point where you don't know who you are or what you stand for.

No more writing and publishing the way everyone else does, it’s time to realize your vision in your own unique way.

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The choice is yours. Are you ready?


Choose your adventure!

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Better Creative Habits - online course for creative rebels who want to take back control on your days and your creativity by improving your habits

Order a custom book cover!

If you’re a rebel writer looking for a book cover for your project, I got you. Let’s make you one.

Coaching for Creative Rebels and Multipasionates who want to do what you love and do it your way, via Violeta Nedkova

Need a creative rebel coach?

I will give you the space to be yourself, do things on your terms, and build things that matter to you.

Behind the Veil by E J Dawson, Book Cover Design by Violeta Nedkova

Five Stars!

What really struck me with Violeta was not just her quick times but her ability to go beyond. I had settled on the cover, and was happy, and she came back to me and said; wait, I can make it better. And she did. She went above and beyond to make it all it could be. Those actions speak for themselves the quality not just as a designer but as a person. 

As an author publishing their first novel on Amazon, Violeta took my thoughts and transformed them into an image worthy of First of Their Kind. She works quickly and efficiently, and I encourage everyone to consider her as their next artist. She'll exceed expectations. I've received nothing but praise so far for the cover of First of Their Kind, all thanks to Violeta.


Violeta has completed the first book cover in my trilogy, and is currently working on the other two.

Not only is she easy to work with, she is fantastically talented and the cover for book one has gotten rave reviews from everyone who has seen it! I look forward to working with her on the next books I write!


Violeta is an amazing designer – she took all of my ideas on board, but ended up creating a cover for my anthology that was so much better than anything I had envisioned.

As a first-time self published author, I was unsure of how the entire process worked, but she was always patient, professional and wonderful to work with.