The Rebel Digest is a weekly newsletter for creative rebels and multipassionates who are tired of following everyone else's rules and who want to go back to what they love and what they do best. Dammit.


1. the letter

Every Thursday I send out The Rebel Digest - a weekly newsletter containing a letter written by me and a curation of the best rebel resources I have found that week.

The letter is written in my signature conversational style and usually contains a lesson, a reality check, or a transparent story from my creative business journey. 

I can't wait to write you a letter, too! :)


2. the Resources

The Rebel Digest contains not only a letter, but also a curation of the best rebel resources I had found that week on the Internet. With all the noise and BS and sameness online, I'm always on the look out for creative rebels who give amazing value, and always I send you what I find.

Including: Videos, articles, podcasts, blogs, books, news, projects, and anything else creative and rebellious.



3. the freebies

Apart from The Rebel Digest, you'll also receive an instant download of 42 Creative Rebel Wallpapers with variations on color and sayings, which will always remind you who you are and that what you do is special and unique and needed. 

Finally, I'll send you exactly 3 emails with all of my free resources for multipassionates, people who are starting their own business, and creative business owners, so if you fall into one category, you'll have everything you need. 


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Cierra Mercier, Ditching Adulthood

Cierra Mercier, Ditching Adulthood

I went looking for your work because you were still in the front of my mind as someone who knew my EXACT struggles. I love that I not only came to my epiphany that the way other online businesses strive and see value isn’t the same as the way I see it, but that you actually have all kinds of resources available to validate that AND run with it!
You send me into a rabbit hole of whatever else you have to offer, and I’m gladly going into that hole because I know I’ll come out with tools to help me and my business grow!