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Hey there rebel!

Have you ever wanted to host your courses on Squarespace?

Because let's face it, you know they're going to be beautiful and your students won't even have to leave your website.

And maybe you don't want to give any of your money to those course platforms or your lessons look clunky on them and you'd like to control the flow better, or like me, you're too lazy to migrate the entire landing page you've spent so much time creating, onto another platform. 

If you're nodding along so far, you'll LOVE this class, which will teach you how to host your courses on Squarespace without losing any of the perks the actual course platforms have to offer.

Let's forget about how other people are doing it, let's do courses YOUR WAY. Dammit. 



You must have a basic knowledge of how Squarespace works, this is not for complete newbies.






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The workaround that'll allow you to password-protect your entire course for free, so that your students will be asked for the password just once.


How to make your course LOOK and WORK like a course, just like what those platforms have to offer.


How to come up with a lesson layout that works with your course materials and that flows really well.


All the elements you need for a good course and where to find them, how to arrange them, embed them, etc.


How to add workbooks (free or paid) to your lessons and how to help your students share them with you.


How to keep track of how many times your courses and even individual lessons have been completed.


How to get feedback from students.


How to sell your courses directly from your Squarespace website.


And all the tools you'll ever need.


Buy the class!


When you buy the class, you get instant access to the videos where I take you behind the scenes of my courses and explain everything in detail. It will take you less than 2 hours to learn how to do this for yourself, again and again. 

Investment: $45

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I'm Violeta, your class instructor.

I'm a coach for fellow creative rebels and multipassionates, who are tired of following everybody else's rules and who want to go back to what they love to do and what they do best.

In my free time I like to come up with "hacks" and workarounds in Squarespace and other tools I use for my business.


1. Why host my courses on Squarespace?

Because let's face it, Squarespace is awesome and having your course on your website is just as awesome because then your students never have to leave your website. Also, you don't have to give your hard-earned money to any of the platforms, which by the way, don't always display your content in the best possible way and you don't even have control over how your lessons look! Not to mention, it takes ages to learn how to use those platforms and more ages to migrate your landing pages.

Because maybe you just LOVE Squarespace and you want all. the. things. on it. :)

2. What if some hacker breaks in and steals my course?

Umm, I don't think any place on the Internet is totally safe from those guys. I think you just have to accept that hackers exist and that hackers gonna hack, and you should focus on the kind people who are willing to pay you, and just forget about the bad elements out there. 

P.S. Here's some info on how safe password-protected pages are.

3. I've tried doing this before, and it was a nightmare.

I know... it can be at the beginning, when you're facing walls in the functionality of something, but once you get around those walls and see that it IS possible, you'll be on top of the world. 

Whatever wall you faced before, I'll be happy to help you get around it. :)

4. What's wrong with course platforms???

Nothing! I have a lot of respect for most of them. For example, I love Teachable, Teachery, and Skillshare, but I love Squarespace more and I love being in control the most, which includes how my landing pages and course materials look on my Squarespace site. It's important to me. Maybe it is for you, too.

I guess at the end of the day you have to decide what your priorities are and if necessary, make adjustments and compromises to match those priorities and do the best you can. 

5. What if I have questions after?

You can leave a comment under the lessons and I'll answer it as soon as I can, or if you can't wait, you can email me at with your questions.