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You are tired of playing by other people's rules and want to take it up a notch and turn your hustle into a creative business that feels right to you and stands out in your industry.

You also want to be able to promote yourself in fun ways that are not at all icky, but authentic and creative.

Indie authors!

You want to grow your business in a way that fits YOU. You want a strategy that doesn't make you feel salesy, highlights your strengths and values, and helps the right people to find you.

And you want to have a strong and clear brand that reflects who you are and stands out in your industry.


You want to start something meaningful and sustainable, something that will outlast your crazy creative ideas and won't ask you to compromise your passions.

And you want to HAVE FUN, dammit. You don't want just another boring brand or suffocating business.


This is *not* for people who are looking for quick fixes, who are not interested in creativity or introspection, who do not share the creative rebel values, or for people who are not willing to do the work.