Do you have too many interests?

Hey multipassionate! Are you tired of jumping from one interest to another and starting from square one every few months? Of getting distracted and leaving a trail of unfinished projects behind you? Let me show you how being multipassionate can work FOR you instead of against you.

Cue... my online course for multipassionate rebels.



The Multipassionate Puzzle is a course for those of us who don't have "one true calling," but many callings.

Right now you're not happy because you're all over the place, going from one project to another, one business to another. Meanwhile all of your concerned friends and family wish that you would just discover your "thing" already. They call you flakey, not serious, etc.

Just because everyone wants you to be more focused and choose something to specialize in, doesn't mean that you should.

You've probably also started so many things that you're leaving a trail of unfinished projects behind you. Sometimes you do several projects at once, driving yourself mad. It's exhausting. And you're so over it.

Now you're ready to embrace who you are, who you've always been, and to show everyone you can make this work, dammit.

There's nothing wrong with being multipassionate, and in this course, I'll show you why and how to work with it instead of against it. I created this course specifically for you, to meet you where you are and take you to the other side, where you'll find your own way of integrating your many interests into the ultimate creative path, your true path. 

This is what I needed 2 years ago, and now you have it. :)

I really couldn’t make sense of why I couldn’t focus and do anything properly. So fist of all, a massive THANK YOU!

It’s such a relief to put a name to what I’m feeling, to know that I’m not a total fuck up because I don’t function the way everybody else does and that I’m not alone with this.
— Vera





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Honor Your TRUTH

This module is about understanding who you are - a puzzle-maker without a box - and how to embrace your truth, more specifically the 3 vital elements of your truth, and how they're going to help you lead a more fulfilled life.

In addition, you're going to get 1 workbook full of actionable questions, exercises, and resources, and you'll hear my personal story - How I found my purpose in my story.


Honor Your WAYS

This module is about how you need to pay more attention to your strengths rather than your weaknesses and how to use your needs and limits to compile your own list of non-negotiables, which will help you finish projects.

In addition, you're going to get 1 workbook full of actionable questions, exercises, and resources, and you'll hear - What happened when I discovered my 5 core strengths.




This module is about understanding why you need to follow each calling, how to achieve Creative Convergence, and how to "niche" as a multipassionate rebel, so that whatever you start will have a strong and flexible foundation.

In addition, you're going to get 1 workbook full of actionable exercises and resources, and you'll hear - How I found my path to convergence and niched down eventually.


Honor Your IDEAS

This module is about the importance of honoring each idea, figuring out which ideas are worth pursuing and which should be left for later, and finally, how to sustain your focus by checking in with yourself every month.

In addition, you're going to get 1 workbook full of actionable questions, exercises, and resources, and you'll hear my story - How I stopped being an insecure creative.



Honor Your HABITS

This module is about the one thing you have control over - your habits. It's about turning your bad creative habits into better ones and building your arsenal of weapons to vanquish the habits that always trip you up.

In addition, you're going to get 1 workbook full of actionable questions, exercises, and resources, and you'll hear my story - How a small habits grew into a big one.


Your Multipassionate Brand

This lesson explains in detail how you can bring your passions together into the ultimate brand/business by building a lasting foundation and adding your passions over it, like you would add planets around a Sun.

In this lesson I also give you the exercise I use with my clients, so you can follow every step and create your own multipassionate brand/business.

I love the notion of creative convergence and I’m all for creating my multipassionate brand.

I’m enjoying this process so much! I think we multipassionates need a structure that works for us, but a structure nonetheless.
— Eduardo

Let's do this!


When you buy the course, you'll get instant access to the modules.

Investment: $75

Choose this one if you want to get the course AND one-on-one coaching.

Investment: $175

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Immediately after you buy the course, you get access to everything.


Each module contains 3 audio lessons and 1 audio story, and they're super short, so listen to those first.



After listening to the lessons, you're ready to take on the workbook (both print and digital), and each one is 20 pages because you need to do the work to get the results you want.



Finally, you'll have an option to do focus sessions with me and other rebels. It's like virtual coworking and it gives you the accountability you need to get sh*t done. It's ah-mazing.


Try to do the work as you go and remember to check your inbox for updates because sometimes I add new features to the course. :)


You'll understand why you are the way you are.

And you'll feel more confident about embracing your strengths.

You are strongest when you keep collecting your puzzle pieces and combine them in new and unexpected ways. Once you see there are amazing multipassionates who are making it work, you'll be more confident in doing your thing in your own way.


You'll be able to integrate your many passions.

You'll have learned all the paths to creative convergence and you will likely have a favorite one.

Whether you choose to evolve your career or create a multipasionate brand/business (which you can grow and evolve as your interests do), you're going to find everything you need to make it happen in this course. 

You'll have faced your biggest challenges.

Things that always held you back before will be less scary.

You know the perennial challenges we face... finishing your projects, focusing on one idea when there are so many, letting a your fears and bad habits determine how far you get in life, etc. After the course, you'll be better equipped to deal with those suckers.


You don't need to play it by their rules.

Explore all of your multitudes.


who am i 350 2.png
Violeta Nedkova 300.jpg

I'm Violeta, and I'm a multipassionate creative rebel.

I've been a business owner for 7 years, the first one being a startup, the second a freelance consultancy business, and now the brand that you see. I've been coaching fellow creative rebels for 3 years, so you're in good hands.

I've also started dozens of creative blogs, projects, and collaborations, and when I finally started this business in 2015, I was home. I've been growing and evolving it since, but not once have I had the desire to start over again. 


I really love your personality and vibe.

You bring this beautiful creative energy to this and I can tell you are passionate about multipassionates! That really made me feel special and like I had a space I belonged in.

I didn’t feel alone on this road.
— Ephraim
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When you buy the course, you'll get instant access to the modules.

Investment: $75

Choose this one if you want to get the course AND one-on-one coaching.

Investment: $175


Who's this for?

This training is for people who have too many interests and who find it hard to bring them together. You want to do everything, you can't just choose.

You're multipassionate! You were just born that way, and there's nothing wrong with that, my friend. Your mind works differently and your life path looks differently from the person next to you, so take a breath and take this training.

What's multipassionate?

Being multipassionate means that you have many interests and that you can't choose one thing to specialize in. While most people think this is a bad thing and society favors specialists, it's normal for us to jump from one thing to another and sometimes even bring our passions together. I wanna help you do it in a way that doesn't make you or the people around you crazy, frustrated, or exhausted.

No more compromising, and no more choosing. Dammit.

What's creative convergence?

Creative Convergence is when you take your many interests and bring them together into one path, whether that's a job, a career, or a business.

For example, you might find convergence in a job that's creative and challenging enough to keep you interested, or build yourself a "slash career" where you just add slashes to your CV, or create a business that brings your passions together.

Your creative convergence is individual to you. Let's find it. :)

What's a multipassionate brand?

When you bring all - or at least a few - of your passions together into one brand, that's called a multipassionate brand. For example, yours can be a combination of writing, marketing, photography, art, traveling, and whatever else you love.

There's a system to this, and you'll find it in the training.

What's a focus session?

So you're probably overwhelmed by your todo list or you've been procrastinating on certain tasks, and you need some accountability, am I right?

A focus session is a virtual coworking session where we work alongside each other, or you do it alongside other people who are doing similar things. You can do it for free on, but you can also do it with me and other creative rebels who are going through the same thing as you are. Each session is 50 minutes, at the start we tell each other what we'll be working on and at the end we share what our progress is, and that's it. Simple, no? And damn effective. 

Focus sessions guarantee that you will focus for 50 minutes at a time and get your most urgent tasks done. I've done near 100 sessions so far, and I have never done so much work, especially of the boring, I don't-wanna-do-it kind.

How is this course new or different?

Oh it's new and different all right. I haven't come across anything like it, have you? It's the direct result of years of wandering and having to figure it all out on my own while the world seemed to be against me. Luckily, I did not give up on my multipassionate path, and now I want to help you embrace yours. :)

How long will I have it for?

You will have lifetime access to this course, including access to new additions. (For example, I recently added a bonus lesson and focus sessions, and I'm working on a request I got from a couple of students.)

It's safe to say this is a course that's going to keep on giving. 

Other questions?

Just shoot me an email at