Pamona Purdy  - jewelry designer, multipassionate, entrepreneur

Pamona Purdy - jewelry designer, multipassionate, entrepreneur

Violeta understood my dilemma of being confused by the many roads I could pursue. She also understood my desire to create a distinctive brand and she asked the right questions to keep me focused. At the end of our sessions I had set goals I was on fire for and with her encouragement I was able to follow through because together I had written down a crystal clear plan of action.

Violeta’s coaching style is easy and relaxed.

She is there to guide you and coach the answers out of you that are inside all the while giving feedback to continue to keep you focused on your wins and revelations.

She helped me focus on what really mattered and what I really wanted to do as a side hustle that would bring me joy. I am multipassionate and while we both acknowledged that, she helped to focus down to the thing I wanted to do and could get done, which was quite a relief for me. The written feedback and resources she gives after the sessions are very valuable tools to refer to, again, keep you focused! I would 100% recommend this type of coaching.


I needed coaching because I was overloaded on information that I had found online and through marketing books. I had already taken two courses on how to build a brand and business and so many “best practices” were just rattling around in my head that I didn’t know what to do anymore. I had lost sight of my own goals and felt stuck. And I spent so much time trying to imitate what the “gurus” were doing that I completely lost sight of what I wanted to do. Violeta seemed like just the person I needed to help me figure out what worked for ME, not anyone else. 

Manuela Williams  - writer, writing coach, multipassionate

Manuela Williams - writer, writing coach, multipassionate

Violeta’s coaching helped me realize that I don't have to do what everyone else is doing. Instead, I can pick and choose what works for ME, and as a result, I'm a lot happier. Violeta’s coaching style is supportive, encouraging, and 100% REAL (no BS!). She encouraged me to experiment with different things and to have fun with the process! And if I'm not having fun? Try something else! I would absolutely recommend this type of coaching to other creative rebels because Violeta's workbooks and coaching sessions are invaluable. I feel like I have a business buddy who actually GETS me and who can point me in the right direction. I would recommend this type of coaching to fellow creative rebels and multipassionates.

Melissa Hui - multipassionate  culture and organizations explorer

Melissa Hui - multipassionate culture and organizations explorer

I loved the encouragement that Violeta has for bringing together multiple passions. This is so different from what we're told as we develop our life work, and it really spoke to my desire to continue to be creative and energized by more than one possibility in life. I knew immediately that she was exactly the right person to be coached by because she understood my greatest challenge as a creative.

I could feel myself growing complacent with how I was applying my energy at work, and wanted to build something that blended everything I cared about. There was this restlessness and frustration in seeing untapped potential hidden in what I cared deeply about but couldn't seem to articulate. I didn't know how to direct that energy and enthusiasm into something bigger and personally meaningful, and knew I needed help with being able to see what was possible and how I could begin to make something amazing from that a reality.

Coaching for Creative Rebels helped me tap into what I really cared about, but it also taught me to be honest about what I wanted to invest my time and energy into. Having Violeta get a sense of what energized me and where I was being dishonest with my energy and passions is something that helped me uncover deeper truths about the type of experience I wanted to create for myself and the people I could connect with.

I would recommend Coaching for Creative Rebels to anyone who wants to be empowered to build something that they can be fulfilled by and pour their energy and interests into. As someone who has worked in creative environments and with creatives for over a decade, I was so unpleasantly surprised at how uncreative I was being with my own work and professional life. This is truly a gift to be reconnected to that creative confidence and passion and I'd recommend this to anyone looking for that boost and support.


I chose this type of coaching because it felt much more natural than other types of coaching. I needed to connect to my true self in order to create from a solid and authentic foundation, and as a multipassionate I was looking for a way to converge my various passions in a way that made sense to me. I wanted a process that took all this into account.

Eduardo Neve - multipassionate  music composer, sound designer

Eduardo Neve - multipassionate music composer, sound designer

Violeta took me on an wonderful journey of illuminating questions, perspectives and distinctions that allowed me to generate valuable insights into my creation process, my goals, my limiting beliefs and the steps I can take to bring my dearest projects to life. The workbooks' creative exercises provided me with actionable material to make the process truly experiential, with real, tangible results. They also came with amazing, relevant resources. I'll keep going back to the workbooks for insights and inspiration time and again.

The entire process has been fun, engaging and respectful of my unique ways. It's been amazing to work with someone that has walked the walk and gets it. I'd totally recommend it to creatives and multipassionates who want to create from their truest, most authentic selves; to entrepreneurs seeking to develop creative businesses around their uniqueness; and to anyone who wants to develop their art, their way.

Rosemary Richings - empathy-driven copywriter, editor and content strategist at  Rosemary Richings

Rosemary Richings - empathy-driven copywriter, editor and content strategist at Rosemary Richings

I was going through a lot of major transitions in my personal life, and this forced me to rethink how I approach my business, and the choices I was making. There aren’t a lot of coaches that I feel like I can relate to, or agree with on any level whatsoever, so I picked Violeta because I liked that she was all about celebrating your strengths and using them to your advantage.


For instance, in our first session I introduced myself as a writer, and as soon as she was like “yeah we can work with that,” I knew I made the right choice. Especially because I grew up with so many people telling me the opposite of that!

Violeta’s coaching forced me to be kinder to myself, and not say “yes” to things that feel forced and not “me” at all, while also thinking practically about the results. This included helping me fall back in love with my blog, helping me start a newsletter that’s more than just boring RSS updates, and encouraging me to finally launch my podcast.

I’ve already started to use some of strategies we discussed, and I attracted a new client that required no convincing whatsoever! And that is super important, because before working with Violeta, I didn’t really feel like the people I worked with valued my work enough.

I would definitely recommend Violeta to all the big-hearted creatives out there that are willing to take action courageously. Action is the most important part, because she will motivate you to take smart, strategic risks, through her bullshit-free words of encouragement.


I was looking for coaching because I was having difficulty figuring out how and if I could combine two different blogs into one cohesive blog. So I enlisted Violeta's help because she works specifically with multipassionate people. I knew she'd have the vision to help me merge multiple topics into one blog and have it make sense and thrive.

Working with Violeta was like having a business therapist. She knew exactly what questions to ask me to help steer me in the right directions. Being able to discuss my business with another (very helpful) human being helped bring my vision to the surface. I would recommend Coaching for Creative Rebels to anyone looking to attract the right audience with the right, unique message.

Jennifer Coyle - multipassionate blogger, web developer and designer at  Hello Brio

Jennifer Coyle - multipassionate blogger, web developer and designer at Hello Brio

Fernanda Villanueva - email design specialist

Fernanda Villanueva - email design specialist

I felt a bit lost on how to start with my company, so Violeta gave me a lot of resources. Our coaching sessions were great as they let me see all the blind spots I was missing. She was also very helpful with defining the voice of my company and how I want to communicate to my clients. After the coaching sessions, I had a sketch of my website!

I would describe Violeta’s coaching style as personal, approachable, friendly and very open.

Violeta’s coaching will help you if you feel a bit lost but in the right direction. Violeta lets you see more clearly the whole panorama and the little details you might be missing out.

I recommend her 100%.


If you own a small creative business or are planning to start one, Violeta's coaching will be the navigation system in your jungle of ideas.

Violeta has a clear map that combines creativity, personality and marketing in an unexpected and very personal way. Be prepared for a journey jam-packed with discoveries and aha moments. You might want to fasten your seatbelt, rebel. :)

Our business was in the center of all discussions and homework, no general bla bla from thick theory books. During the training, we developed amazing strategies for our small online brand and have a clear and structured map for them. Above all, we feel that all these strategies come straight from our heart and this is only thanks to Violeta's knowledge and creative mind!

Inga from  feellinen  - multipassionate Etsy shop owner and maker

Inga from feellinen - multipassionate Etsy shop owner and maker

content strategy friends 2.jpg

Let's work together!


If you're tired of doing things on everybody else's terms, Coaching for Creative Rebels is for you! Let's go back to doing what you do best and building things that matter.

Have a question? Contact me.

Nina Laiberg,  Angel Whisper

Nina Laiberg, Angel Whisper

Violeta Nedkova is a sweet and lovely person.

She helped me realise how to target my ideal clients and how to appeal to them without being too pushy. When I felt overwhelmed by all the things that one needs to do in order to start a business, when I kept procrastinating and thinking "I'm not ready for this yet, I'll do it later", Violeta was the ideal accountability buddy which I had so often dreamed of!

She listened to me and pushed my limits, whilst gently guiding me on how to become more at peace with myself and to believe in my own abilities to share my dreams and qualities with the world. She helped me understand that I shouldn't be afraid of showing myself to the world.

I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who wishes to build a brand with image and personality: Violeta can help you find that voice deep within and speak your mind!


I felt so bored and restricted with blog branding and niches that I'd almost decided to just have a personal blog, and create my would-be business some other way.

I knew that brands can be fun, but it was Violeta who helped me realize how MY brand can be fun. She looked over all of my half formed plans, gave me a lot of cool ideas, and yet she never told me that I should do as she says - she was all about creating something that I would love. Her belief, that everyone can create exactly what they want and also be successful through it, is infectious.

If you've grown to hate the usual blogging and business strategies, want to do your own thing, but are wondering how it will ever work out, Violeta has to be your go-to person!

Atiba Shaikh,  writer

Atiba Shaikh, writer

Hannah H,  blogger

Hannah H, blogger

Violeta's advice has been invaluable to me and my creative journey. She offered me specific and personal steps to take and words that I desperately needed to hear at just the right time. I have been able to start an email newsletter and plan out future blog posts and get in the right mindset to succeed because of Violeta.

Violeta actually gives out useful and personal advice which helps you to figure out your own path and where you already knew you should be headed. I have not found anyone comparable to her and would recommend every creative or multipotentialite friend I know to use Violeta's services.

meghan hartman

Before my coaching call with Violeta I was feeling unsure of myself and overwhelmed. I thought I needed to do all the things to build my business.

Violeta helped me realize that I should embrace my rebel personality and put more effort into creative endeavors that inspire me. After our call I'm confident and inspired to create.

Meghan Hartman, Crafting Creative

atul pradhananga

Violeta has a super power of listening to you with full attention, identifying your REAL problems, and then giving you hardcore actionable advice to overcome them.

I highly recommend her coaching sessions!

Atul Pradhananga, identity designer


Violeta is an inspiration to anyone wanting to embrace their creativity and think outside the box.

Violeta really helped me to narrow my focus for my blog and gave me great ideas on how to really kick start a career in business blogging. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to seek coaching for their business.

Nicole Cowell, Olive Creative Me

nicia cruz

In her sessions, Violeta asks the right questions: the ones that make you question your choices, paving a way to your business. The one that was meant to be.

After her coaching I was clear of what I wanted and how to achieve it.

Thank you, V.!

Nicia Cruz, Rrrepeat


Working with Violeta was super illuminating. In the short clarity call, I had a full page and a half of notes.

Her coaching's like her tweets: positive, inspiring, and highly valuable /actionable.

Brian Papa, writer

Jamae Ann Sabangan

Violeta has a way of making obscure concepts take on a tangible, personal form. With her help, I found truly attainable solutions.

Jamae Ann Sabangan, Hint of Jam