I present Teal Writer:

A done-for-you author website that shows your books in the best light.

This website is built and hosted on Squarespace.com, so monthly fees will apply once you purchase it.

Do you need a website for your rocking author platform?

I know I know... it's expensive, it takes forever, and it's just too complicated. But what if it wasn't? What if it was easy, fast, and affordable?

I present Teal Writer... It’s a done-for-you author website on Squarespace that is intuitive, responsive, and fully customizable.

Just paste your text in, follow some instructions, and you’ll have a beautiful and professional website that looks great on all devices.

Take your author platform to the next level with Teal Writer! Let’s get started…


Sound familiar?

You’re not a “techy” person, and your website is not cooperating. I’ve been there, too! I was on Wordpress and those plugins were the bane of my life. Then I moved on Squarespace and I haven’t looked back since.

You’ve been tweaking your website so much, it eats up all your time. I’ve been there, too! I’d tweak things for months and I’d never be satisfied. Don’t fall into that hole, take back your time, and do the writing.

You want a professional website without breaking the bank. What you see on this page is a professional responsive website made for writers. If you hired a web designer they’d charge you 1500+ for it.


You need a professional website and to go back to what matters - the writing. Teal Writer will help you because it was made for you.




A done-for-you author website - built on top of Squarespace - with Home, About, Books, Blog, Contact, and Privacy Policy pages.


Minimal branding with
basic choice of colors. It doesn’t have to be teal, though, you can adjust the colors, or ask me to do it.


Two pdfs - 1) Site Setup and Use and 2) Make It Yours - detailed instructions on how to set up, use, and customize your site.


A custom webfont that goes with your genre - you’ll have a choice between 30+. Get the Pro Package, and I’ll embed it on your site.


More than 150 hand-picked, high-quality background images to make your readers feel like they’re in your stories’ world.


Show how your books look with special book mockups - photorealistic 3D images - for your launch/marketing (Pro Package and up).


Perfect user experience - from your about page to your blog to your bookshelf, I know how to make the journey seamless.


Email support for at least a week, so if you have a question or a problem, you can email me anytime, and I’ll help you out.



View the DEMO (password: tealwriter) and check out the images below.





Cover Page

(available in the Pro and the Custom Packages)




An Index of Free Chapters or Short Stories or Poems (available in the Pro and the Custom Packages)

Services (available in the Pro and the Custom Packages)



Alternative Layout




Fully customizable!

You don’t have to leave it the way it is. I encourage you to make it 100% unique to you and your vision. Customize it to look any way you want - use the “Make It Yours” pdf.


Genre-Appropriate Fonts

Once you purchase, I’ll ask what your genre is and send you 30+ genre-appropriate fonts to choose from. Your favorite will feature on top of your site and if you get the Pro or Custom Package, I’ll install it on your site.

Background Images

You’ll also get 150 hand-picked, high quality background images. Add the image you like and change your branding colors to match.

Solid Color Backgrounds

While the texture backgrounds are more interesting, you can choose a solid color for a background OR have no background at all.

Title on the Left/Right

While you can have no background, you can also have 2 strips and your title on the left or on the right.


  • You can also make a dark website, with a dark canvas and lighter text. Bear in mind it’s harder on the eyes.

  • You can add banners to pages - thinner banners work better on this particular template.

  • You can remove the blog sidebar and make it centered - easier for reading.

  • You can pick your own color palette - I’ll show you how easy it is in Make It Yours.

  • You can pick a different Image Design, so your images appear differently with text on them.

  • You can create beautiful reviews/testimonials by creating a new blog and using the summary block feature.

  • You can adjust the footers of inidividual pages - it’s a special feature of your template.

  • You can adjust almost everything with the help of Custom CSS - I provide this service to those who buy the Custom Package.


Get your author website!

By purchasing this website, you agree to join Squarespace and pay their monthly fee. However, if your current site is on Wordpress, you can import its contents to your new website on Squarespace.


Basic Package

This includes:

  • a 6-page website, including Home, About, Books, Blog, Contact, and Privacy pages

  • detailed instructions + Make It Yours customization pdf

  • your own custom font (that goes with your genre) & minimal logo of your name on top of site

  • 150+ hand-picked, high quality background images

  • email support for 1 week



Pro Package

This includes:

  • everything included in the BASIC package as well as…

  • 3 additional pages - Services, Cover Page, and Index page (for your poems, stories, chapters)

  • I’ll install your custom font on your website

  • mockups - 3D renderings of your book - for your book launch/marketing

  • email support for 2 weeks



Custom Package

This includes:

  • everything included in the PRO package as well as…

  • additional customizations, including your own color scheme and adjustments of layout/individual elements

  • additional pages of your choice, like Shop, a Sales Page for your book launch

  • 45-minute consultation on Skype and 1 month of email support



How it works:

Step 1


Once you buy the website, you’ll be able to download your instructions and images. I’ll also be in touch within 12 hours to ask you questions. If it’s available right away, I’ll transfer the ownership to you; if not, then you’ll have to wait a couple of days.

Step 2


Before taking over your shiny new website, you have to sign up on Squarespace, if you haven’t already, and upgrade to the Personal or Business plan, depending on your needs. Don’t worry if you’re on Wordpress, you can import your content to Squarespace.

Step 3


Finally, you’ll follow some instructions to set up your website, paste your text in, and customize your website to make it 100% YOURS (with the help of the Make It Yours pdf). And if I missed something, just email me. I’ll be there for you as you set up. :)


Why Squarespace?

(Squarespace is not paying me to say these things, I just truly adore it.)



This is the only website-builder that feels like it “gets you.” It’s drag and drop, so you see what you’re doing, and if you’ve ever been frustrated with a website builder before, it’ll feel like you’ve been born again with this one.

Trust me, I’ve been there.



Squarespace’s design is responsive, which means your website will look just as good on tablets and mobile. Squarespace is also perfect for blogging as it has great SEO built-in! After blogging a bit on Squarespace, Google noticed me!



No more banging your head against hard surfaces because you don’t need to know any code! You won’t be overwhelmed by options either because Squarespace is very simple and straightforward. The learning curve is not steep at all.


No more banging your head, breaking the bank, and no more endless tweaking either. Squarespace will make you - and your readers - fall in love with your website, and your stories. Are you ready?


Get your author website!

By purchasing this website, you agree to join Squarespace and pay their monthly fee. However, if your current site is on Wordpress, you can import its contents to your new website on Squarespace.

Basic Package

Pro Package

Custom Package


I’m on Wordpress. Can I keep my content?

Yes, you can export your content from Wordpress and import it into Squarespace. To my knowledge, however, plugins don’t import. Read more here.

Is Squarespace expensive?

When you’re on the Personal plan, you only pay $12/month (paid annually) or $16/month (paid on a monthly basis, and for the Business plan, you pay $18/month (paid annually) or $26/month (paid on a monthly basis).

I think your website is the most important investment you can make because it’s yours. And if I - the scrooge that I am - can pay this, so can anyone.

Is it hard to use Squarespace?

Nope. I’ve used quite a lot of website builders - Wordpress, Wix, etc. - and Squarespace was the only one that was completely intuitive - with it’s whole drag-and-drop thing and seeing what you’re actually doing in real time. It doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of features, it has detailed tutorials that are extremely easy to follow, and it’s a pleasure to use.

In my opinion, it’s the only solution for someone who’s not tech-savvy.

Is this going to look good on all devices?

Yes! Squarespace is famous for its responsive design and since your website is built on Squarespace, you get to enjoy the benefits.

Can I ask for changes?

You don’t have to ask me to change your custom font title, I’ll do that. And if you follow the instructions, you’ll be able to change anything you want yourself. You’ll also have email support, so you can ask me how to do something.

If you want me to make big changes to your website, the fees above apply.

Can I add a shop to my website?

Absolutely! Squarespace has a Business plan, which I am on, and you can add your books and products on a special store, connect your Paypal, and customize the whole experience. I can do that for you if you order the Custom Package.

Why are your rates so affordable?

Because I really want to help my fellow writers, who I know don’t have huge budgets for marketing purposes. I just really want to help you present your books in their best light. Plus it’s a total pleasure to use Squarespace.

Are you affiliated to Squarespace?

Nope. I rave about them because I’m a very happy client. :)

I have more questions!

Just email me at help@violetanedkova.com.