I’ll miss this blog. But there are so many great things coming!

Remember I told you I was pivoting in my consulting business? Well, it’s progressing and one thing that’s clear is that I need a new site: One that really reflects who I am and what I do.

But don’t worry, I won’t stop blogging. God no!

I love blogging. It sustains me. But it’s become painfully obvious that WordPress wasn’t made for me. It was made for someone with steel nerves and too much attention to detail.

So I’m ready to try Squarespace. After hours of comparisons, how-to guides, and discussions, I’ve decided to dive in… but it’s gonna have to wait because – I’M GOING TO THE BEACH TOMORROW.


So I’ll keep this post short, just letting you know that August won’t see much more blogging, especially since I want to really work on my new site, so… how about we do this instead:

If you like my writing – yes, you – I’ll promise to send you a weekly newsletter starting from the week of August 9 and hopefully keep doing it until… well, until it no longer brings me joy. In this newsletter you can expect only the COOLEST THINGS I have discovered during the previous week. Trust me, I keep everything, and some things are not to be missed.

Like this video or this wall of dreams or this tweet. 😀

If you want to get my newsletter, smartly called Violeta’s newsletter, you can fill this super-short survey. Do it.

crazy phoebe

(Oops, sorry, wrong gif. Phoebe looks slightly deranged here.)

The other great thing that’s coming is another newsletter (that I co-author) targeted towards people who want to stay on top of digital marketing. It’s a bi-monthly deal, curated by me, Nichole Elizabeth DeMere, and Kiki Schirr, and it launches on Tuesday, August 4.

If you’re not aware of their work, look at Nikki’s twitter stream (where does she find all this stuff?!) and Kiki’s hilarious tech doodles. It’s an honor to be involved in a project with them. Now all we need is YOU.

So yeah, fill the survey and tweet ya next week! From the beach.

What? Did you really think I’d drop twitter?

yeah right

OK, bye! And before you go-

Thank you for being a part of my journey. It means a lot. 🙂

P.S. Hands up if you’re disappointed I didn’t include any Ross, Monica or Chandler gifs. Yeah, me too. Maybe next time. (And let’s not think of the moment when they all leave their keys and exit the apartment, or I’ll start crying.)