My formula for startup marketing:

  1. As soon as you start building your product, you start networking.
  2. You get noticed by engaging on social media, producing/curating content, and contributing to cool communities.
  3. The power of your network/community lifts you up and prepares you for a successful launch (ideally on Product Hunt).

I’ve tried everything listed below (except the podcasts). Also, the resources with asterixes around them are your best bet. Most importantly, read as much as you can and talk to as many people as you can.

Good luck on your startup journey! 😀 ❤



Hooked by Nir Eyal

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries



Blnkk (helpful place) (haven’t used it)

Domino (for freelancers)

Growth Hackers (duh, growth hacking) (marketing)

Paperboy (startup tools)

Product Hunt (startup discovery)

Somewhere (visual CV + share your work)

Startup Study Group on Slack (founders & investors)

The Pyramid of Communities (yours truly)


Content Marketing

Buzzsumo (influencers + most shared content) (what founders read)

Free Stock Photos (collection by Anuj Adhiya)

Free Stock Photos: Pixabay (best/biggest)

LinkedIn Pulse (get featured!)

Medium (blogging + content curation)

Search Engine Optimization (guide from Moz)

Write a Manifesto (yours truly)


Content Marketing Tools

Canva (making visuals for your campaigns)

Content Marketing Institute

feedly (content discovery)

inside (curated news)

Nuzzel (what your friends read/share)

Raindrop (storing links)



Blogs That Help Startups Grow

Freebie.Supply & Startup Stash (similar)

Free Stuff for Startups (by Hiten Shah)

Growth Hacker’s Toolbox by Nichole Elizabeth Demere

Startup Tool Box (by Eric Willis)

Tools for Marketers and Growth Hackers (on Product Hunt)

If you’re into mega-curations:

The Planet of Curations (by yours truly)



A Developer’s Guide to App Marketing by Paddle

Brick By Brick (building awesome communities)

Getting Real (how to build a successful web app – free pdf)

Keep Your Customers Close (customer acquisition)

The Meta List of Freebies for Founders

The Startup Care Package from Paddle (discounts)

The Small Business Stack from Groove


Job Hunting

(because I couldn’t resist)

The Startup Job Hunt



Hiten Shah

Inbound’s Curation

Morgan Brown


People to Know

ME – I’m chatty 😀

Nichole Elizabeth Demere (connector)

Eric Willis (community moderator/superstar)

Anuj Adhiya (curator extraordinaire)

Ryan Hoover (founder of Product Hunt)

Gary Vaynerchuk (Marketing Guru)

Noah Kagan (hacks like this)

P.S. Anyone I missed?


Podcasts (Make Your Startup a Rocketship) (pitch your product to investors)

(the rest were recommended to me)

Build and Launch

Customer Success Radio

Monocle24 (The Entrepreneur’s Podcast)

This Week in Startups

Marketing-Related Podcasts (via Inbound)

Product Hunted Podcasts

A Database



Easiest way: Get hunted.

Controversial: Ryan Holiday Way

Most helpful: The Complete Guide

Austen Allred’s Hacker’s Guide

Best tool: Hey Press (discover journalists by topic)

Best curation: Tech Press & Blog Contacts



Crew’s Blog

Watch TED Talks!

(everything else is boring)



The User Is Drunk

(watch the video above to understand your average user)

Want customer success? Just be awesome.

Get free advice.


Remote Working

27 Tools

Remote | OK

Remotive (newsletter)

Tools for Remote Teams (on Inbound)

The Ultimate Guide by Zapier

Gosh, and I call myself a remote worker!


Social Media

My Twitter Recipe

Find Your Clients on Twitter (Hack)

Buffer’s Blog

Hubspot’s Blog (marketing at large)

Growth Hacks for Startups (by Roy Povarchik)

Try Twitter Chats (weekly)


Social Media Tools

buffer (tweet scheduling)

click to tweet

Filta (search the people you follow – to make lists)

IFTTT (social media automation-avoid spammy recipes)

ManageFlitter (manage who you follow)

Meerkat (tweet live video)

Pablo (by buffer)

Pullquote (easily tweet longer quotes)

Skitch (annotate screenshots)

TweetDeck (twitter management)

Twtrland (awesome analytics)


Startup Success

First Round Capital

MakerSuccess (by Eric Willis)

Groove’s Blog (from ‘aha’ to ‘oh shit’)

The Groove’s Team Journey

The Single Reason Why Startups Suceed

And before you ask:

Find a hunter to hunt your product.

You’re Trending on Product Hunt (by Aaron Hanson)

Kiki Schirr’s Product Hunt Manual

You’re welcome.


Submit Your Startup

StartupLister (haven’t used it yet)

Places to Post Your Startup (curation on github)

Where can I submit my startup after launching? (Quora)

(To me, it’s a no-brainer:

BetaList – pre-launch; StartupList – beta; ProductHunt – launch)


Tools (Misc.)

Docracy (free legal documents)

Drip (email marketing automation)

Evernote (stay organized)

MailChimp (email campaigns)

OneTab (don’t drown in tabs)

PlaceIt (generate mockups instantly)

Slack (team collaboration)

SumoMe (grow blog traffic)

Thrust (discover anyone’s email)

Trello (get organized)

Typeform (ask awesomely)

15 Awesome Tools You’ve Never Heard Of

Tip: If you need something specific, use the search option on Product Hunt. 😉


User Feedback

InvisionApp (share designs)

Typeform (beautiful surveys) / fivesecondtest

Google Docs


VC Advice

Build a Relationship With a VC (even if they don’t invest)

That’s all for now. I’ll finish this another time.

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