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I’m a writer, book cover designer, and coach to creative rebels and multipassionates, so if you’re feeling a bit lost or confused, here’s a quick and easy cheatsheet to my site.



Are you a writer?

If you’re going to self-publish soon, you can grab one of my premade designs or order a custom book cover that’s unique and eye-catching.

If you need help with building and growing your author platform, you can apply for coaching and I can help you do your brand your way.


Or you can enjoy my most helpful free content.

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daily writing maybe

daily writing maybe

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Are you multipassionate?

If you have too many interests and don’t now how to integrate them into the ultimate authentic and lasting brand, you can learn how to do that with my course The Multipassionate Puzzle.

And if you need one-on-one help, guidance, and accountability to integrate your passions, then just apply for coaching and I’ll help you sort through your many passions. Wheeeeee.

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If you didn’t find what you needed in those articles, I have an entire ecourse about being multipassionate and integrating your many interests into the ultimate brand.

If you need one-on-one help with integrating your many interests into one platform/brand/business, apply for coaching and we’ll figure it out together. People are raving about it. :)



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