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A Curation of Resources for Creative Rebels & Their Businesses

(updated last: April 10, 2016)





For your website:

For user research:

For your email:

For your social media:

For content marketing:

  • Medium (write, network, publish) - free
  • Buzzsumo (find most shared content) - free*
  • Feedly (content curation) - free
  • Raindrop (content storage) - free*
  • Skitch (take screenshots) - free
  • Canva (create killer graphics) - free*
  • Unsplash (free stock photos) - free
  • Pixabay (free stock photos) - free

For live-streaming:

For community:

For branding/design:

For video/courses/webinars:

For selling products:

  • Paypal (manage payments) - free
  • Teachable (sell your online courses) - free*
  • Gumroad (selling digital products) - free*

For providing services:

For productivity:

For getting organized:

For getting help:

  • Fiverr (get things done for $5) - free


  • Product Hunt (you can find any tools on there - old or new - use the search & read the comments) - free


P.S. The products with an asterix are the ones I use for free, but they have amazing upgrades if you need them.



Rebels to follow:

  • Jen Carrington (insightful content coach & podcaster)
  • Caroline Winegeart (a colorful branding expert who encourages you to be authentic & vulnerable)
  • Paul Jarvis (a freelancer and maker, who says it like it is, makes no excuses for it, and has pet rats)
  • Jason Zook (writer, maker, and creative rebel)
  • byRegina (amazing resource for infopreneurs who are naturally scrappy and authentic people)
  • Sian Richardson (my favorite creative rebel)
  • Cerries Mooney (a bit of a spiritual trip; take the test; you'll love the free resources she has for you)
  • Gary Vaynerchuk (perhaps the original creative rebel, knows a lot about social media, tells it like it is)
  • Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project (who will give you a good laugh and a run for your money)
  • Austin Kleon (mixed-media artist with amazing books & hobbies - blackout poetry & newspaper cutouts)
  • Marie Forleo (who is an inspiration to us all)

Podcasts to follow:

Communities to join:

Books to read:

Products to try:

Inspiring talks: