Have I gone bonkers??

Okay, maybe... but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.

I know you because I know myself. We're two peas in the same (exceptional) pot, and it took me forever to love who I was, even though it was all the things, all the time.

You know what I mean?

First I thought I was weird and different, so I acted that way and the other kids shunned me. Then I tried to be like the cool kids, but failed miserably. Meanwhile, I kept indulging my crazy interests whatever anyone said. DAMMIT.

So what if people think you're a flake?

So what if they say you can't hold onto one thing?

So what if they think the key to success in life is some mystical one calling you should find? 

I'm calling bullsh*t.

They just want you to be like them because they're scared of anything that seems different, and society wants to turn you into a worker bee because of the failing economy. 

Whatever, we're going to make our own economy. 

The fact that other people think you're insane for finding everything fascinating doesn't change the fact that your mind can hold a million things at once, that you can make such brilliant connections other people can only dream of, and that you can hold so much enthusiasm and induce the same amounts in others... like I said, you're a modern miracle, someone should build you a monument.

It took me my whole (30 years of) life to realize that this "weakness" could be a strength! D'OH.

And you can do it, too!

Not to mention, multipassionate brands are way more interesting than the average brand. Can you imagine ever getting bored of a multipassionate? Hells no!

Without you, we wouldn't have the weird projects that take the Internet by storm. Without you, we wouldn't even know most things are interesting. Without you, we would have no innovation and no weird connections. And without you, YOU wouldn't be able to create such a unique and multi-faceted brand for the people who - like you - crave it.

Phew, that was a long motivational rant. Did it work?