You can order:


Premade Book Cover

  1. Pick the one you like and once you buy it, you’ll be the ONLY ONE who has it. :)

  2. Once you buy your design, it’ll be taken off the premades section and moved to my portfolio (when it’s completed)

  3. You’ll get an email from me with questions - what’s your title, author name, tagline.

  4. You can request changes, yay!!!

  5. Since the premades are already done this process will be quicker.

  6. It costs $45 for an ebook cover and $75 for an ebook cover AND a print cover, and you can pay an extra $10 for a promo banner (just pick the add-ons you like).

  7. If you want bigger changes, the process will take longer and it will cost you extra, but I am willing to customize it for ya.

No Paypal? No problem.

Custom Book Cover

  1. Make your order by paying the deposit.

  2. You’ll get an email from me with questions about your book, so I have a better idea about the mood, genre, themes, etc.

  3. You’ll get 2 or 3 concepts within 5 days.

  4. You’ll get 5 rounds of revision and you can ask for any adjustments you want.

  5. This process takes anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks, but if you’re working with a deadline, you should let me know.

  6. When we’re done I’ll ask if you want a book banner for social media because it’s a more professional way to market your book.

  7. The overall price for a custom ebook cover is $145, and you pay $75 upfront and the rest at the end. For an ebook and a print cover it’s $195 overall and you pay $100 upfront.

No Paypal? No problem.