hey rebel!

You can see what I'm working on right now on this nifty little page. 



  1. 32 years old. EEks.

  2. Still in Bulgaria, feeding stray kittens and itching to travel.

  3. Taking on a few coaching clients and creating some new cool experiences for rebels.

  4. Enjoying life. :)


Current projects:

  • I'm making book covers and you can get a premade one or order a very special custom cover for your amazing story. :)

  • I'm running The Rebel Writers (of fiction) group on facebook.

  • I’m writing fiction again. Yayyy.


The books I'm reading.

Mugging the Muse by Holly Lisle
Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
The Twisted Tree
Chasing Graves

This year.

In 2019, I am prioritizing writing stories and making my business sustainable, so I can travel more.

This month.

In February I am taking a month break from book cover design and coaching, and I’m just spending this entire month writing. It’s absolute bliss. :D



  • Jumping ahead.

  • Not feeling completely crappy because I can’t help all the stray animals in my town.

  • Timezones.


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