hey you!

You can see what I'm working on right now on this nifty little page. 



  1. 31 years old. EEks.
  2. Still in Bulgaria, feeding stray kittens and itching to travel.
  3. Focused on writing fiction again.
  4. Taking on a few coaching clients and creating some new cool experiences for rebels.
  5. Enjoying my work.


Current projects:

  • I'm writing a flash fiction story every day for #the100dayproject, and posting updates on twitter.
  • I'm using focusmate.com every day, which makes me feel like my bedroom is a coworking space.
  • I've just relaunched the rebel shop with some cool new courses and now I'm working on a program.



The books I'm reading.

irvin yalom book
The Witches of New York
Think and Grow Rich
renaissance soul book

This year.

In 2018, I am prioritizing writing stories and publishing my first book.


This month.

In JUNE I am working on something hush-hush that's probably going to be my ultimate offering so far. 

I can't wait to show you!



  • Jumping ahead.
  • Making this thing sustainable so I can move to Liverpool.
  • Timezones.


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