Newsletters might have noticed that this site is on a bit of a hold until the new one is up…

Meanwhile, you can still follow everything I’m doing and get awesome links and resources right into your inbox by signing up for my newsletter.

The reason the title of this page is in plural is – you won’t believe this – there is ANOTHER newsletter I am involved in, which you can also choose to follow if you so wish. However, while my newsletter is specifically tailored to me, my own entrepreneurial journey, and the useful resources I find along the way (and the tone will be casual), the second newsletter is more professional.

It’s called THE CRAFT and it’s full of the best marketing resources – books, articles, and products (my part), which I – together with my marketing gal pals, Nichole Elizabeth DeMere and Kiki Schirr – have collected for you.

It’s going to hit your inboxes every two weeks. Check it out!

As for my own newsletter, it’s going to hit your inbox EVERY week. Partayyyyyyyyy. Seriously, you’ll think there’s a party going on at the end of the week. As there should be. And I sincerely hope that if nothing else, it will provide inspiration because I’m an inspiration junkie and not afraid to admit it. Just don’t steal my dealer! *coughtwittercough* 😀

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to talk to you soon.

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