Let me guess...

You're here because you're seriously fed up with doing things "as usual."

You're tired of living your life the way you "should" and following some guru's advice instead of trusting your gut and doing what comes naturally. 

Now, because you're different and don't fit in most places, you played on their terms because you hoped it would help you belong somewhere. It might have worked, but it also disconnected you from yourself, your true Nature.

Trust me,

You'd much rather:

  • do what you love
  • find your life purpose
  • start your kind of business
  • build your true brand
  • do all that you love
  • find your unique style
  • have a brand with personality
  • launch products your way
  • do marketing your way


I'm here to help you chuck expert formulas and find a better fit for you and your creative business.

My name is Violeta and I'm a multipassionate creative rebel, too.

Back in 2015 I had had it with trying to fit in and doing what everyone told me and being miserable. That's when I knew it was time for a change, it was time to make my own rules and live by them, to meet my true self and learn to love her.

That's when I started this business and I haven't looked back since.

Now I want to help my fellow rebels-

do things YOUR WAY. Dammit.

Because you deserve to have everything you dream of, without compromising who you are, what you love, or what you believe in.

And remember...

You are not alone. Hundreds and even thousands of creative rebels have resonated with this message and are gathering to stand up for themselves, against the mindless... 


Because these experts are different people and they're different from you, therefore their methods are based on their qualities, not yours. They also have different strengths and weaknesses, which means their methods may not fit you the same way, or even work for you, at all.