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Hello lovely authors,

I’ve created this resource, so that those of us who love helping indie authors thrive, can gather in one place and do our best for you and for one another.

I have personally checked each application and only included the ones who have proven to be helpful and who have testimonials, so you shouldn’t have any problems. If you do, please let me know at help@violetanedkova.com.

To join the database, scroll down to the end and apply.

(If you’re already on the database, you can ask me to edit or pull down your information by emailing help@violetanedkova.com.)

To find the help you need, scroll down, pick the person you’d like helping you, and contact them through the contact info provided.

Also, remember to check if the person has a policy in check and read it before submitting your request. And finally, most of these people are volunteers, and since we’re getting a high number of requests every day, some of them will be swamped, so you might have to wait or try another volunteer.

Now go ahead and find the help you need! :)



If you’re a writer/author and you sometimes feel unsafe on the internet - scammers, questionable services, etc. - please use these tools to double check everything. These are the heroes of our community.


Writer Beware®

Writer Beware® is sponsored by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

The mission of Writer Beware® is to track, expose, and raise awareness of the prevalence of fraud and other questionable activities in and around the publishing industry.

We maintain and update the Writer Beware® website with the latest information on literary schemes, scams, and pitfalls, and the most current information on what writers can do to protect themselves.

To complement the general advice and warnings on the Writer Beware® website, our popular blog provides information on specific scams and schemes–along with advice for writers, industry news and commentary, and a special focus on the weird and wacky things that happen at the fringes of the publishing world.

To find all the alerts on contests, editors, agents, small presses, self-publishing services, vanity publishers, etc., CLICK HERE.

ALLi’s Watchdog Desk

ALLi, the Alliance of Independent Authors, is a non-profit professional association for authors who self-publish books. Headquartered in London, the organization is global and growing, with a majority of members in North America.

The Watchdog Desk of The Alliance of Independent Authors monitors the self-publishing industry in two ways.

  1. We have a Partner Membership for services which align with our Code of Standards and go through a vetting process.

  2. We identify rogue services which overcharge, over-promise, under-deliver, or in any way exploit authors.






What do you do if you’re on such a tight budget that you can’t even tie your boots with it?

I have recently gone back to using Fiverr for some things. While it’s not the optimal choice for all the things an indie author needs, there are a lot of people who offer amazing things for cheap on there because they’re just starting.

Make sure that you ask for samples and look at the reviews.

Whether you need someone to beta read your book or edit it or ghost write something, or whatever, always make sure you ask for a SAMPLE before you choose. That way you’ll eliminate 30% of the people who are just not that good and offer cheap services because of that fact.

Things you can get on Fiverr:

  • research

  • beta reading (I offer it, too)

  • book covers and mockups and trailers

  • blurbs and book descriptions

  • book promotions

  • ghost writing

  • etc.

To find what you seek, just go to Fiverr and use the Search option to search your little heart out. There is literally every service imaginable, even some that you have never imagined to outsource (but always wanted to).

If you have questions about Fiverr, just tweet them @VioletaNedkova.

Disclaimer: There is an affiliate link in here, but I promise you, I have been using Fiverr long before this recent resurgence. I have always thought it’s a decent platform and the most affordable one. Use my link and you’ll get a discount.


 Beta Readers

When contacting our beta readers, please indicate where you got their contact info from. Also, some of our volunteers get swamped with many requests, so if you don’t hear back, just submit to someone else.

The best way to contact our betas is via email, unless otherwise stated.



Scribophile is a respectful online writing workshop and writer’s
community. Writers of all skill levels join to improve each other’s work
with thoughtful critiques and by sharing their writing experience.

It’s the writing group to join if you want to find beta readers, get the
best feedback around, learn how to get published, and be a part of the
friendliest and most successful writing workshop online.


TWITTER: @scribophile


Suzanne McGovern

Hi I’m Suzanne.

I offer beta reading for romance writers (anything from sweet romance to erotica) I post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads as well as my own website if it is a book I love.

For beta reading or book review requests, you can contact me via email or on twitter.


EMAIL: girlthatwrites@outlook.com

TWITTER: @girlthatwrites1


Cassandra Chaput

I provide affordable beta reading, sensitivity reading, and editing services for indie authors.



EMAIL: cassandrachaput38@gmail.com

TWITTER: @cassc38


Aeschere Knight

Hi! I'm Aeschere (better known as Ash) and I'm an aspiring writer and long-term literature nerd.

I do beta readings for any genre, as well as book reviews on my YouTube channel and Tumblr. I'll admit a preference to Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and dystopian literature, whether it's YA or not. Romance is probably my least favorite genre but I'll enjoy any well-written story.

I offer two kinds of beta readings, free and paid. My readings are in-depth and cover everything that catches my attention. I focus on the characters, readability, my first impressions and thought process as a reader, any plot related issues and/or confusions, etc. I'll also plug the author and any social media they have and/or their website.

I can be contacted for a beta reading and/or a book review via email or Twitter. I'll be genuinely delighted to hear from you because there really is nothing quite like reading the work of an aspiring writer. :)


EMAIL: aeschereknight@gmail.com

TWITTER: @AeschereKnight


Terence MacManus

I'm an Indie author, book reviewer and podcaster! I also offer Beta Reading services as part of a team of published authors and professional editors at Elements Editing.

The #WritingCommunity has made my Twitter experience so much richer; glad to plug back into it and offer something in return! :-)


EMAIL: terrytalksfiction@gmail.com

TWITTER: @tcmacmanus


Roxanne Ridge

We offer beta reading, line editing, and ghost writing for fiction authors on a budget. Beta reading is our most popular service.

Visit our website today!



EMAIL: asha@fielddaypress.com

TWITTER: @roxanne_writes


Shayna Grissom

I offer beta/critiques in exchange for manuscript swaps.

I have a Sci-Fi Gothic Romance and a Magical Realism New Adult.

Check my blog for my 5 commandments on Beta Reading.


EMAIL: Shayna.Grissom@gmail.com

TWITTER: @ShaynaGrissom

Meg Trast

My name is Meg Trast. I am and editor, and I run a *free* Beta Reading program, all at Overhaul My Novel, LLC.


EMAIL: editor@overhaulmynovel.com

TWITTER: @MegTrast


Cate Pearce

Hi! I am Cate, an avid reader and aspiring author. My favorite genres to read (in order) are: F/F romance, LGBTQ, sci-fi/fantasy, historical fiction, and thrillers. Of course, my ultimate favorites combine several of those categories into one great read.

I offer two levels of beta reading: Quick pass, and deep dive. I will give a quick pass for free on almost any style and genre. If you want a deep dive, we will set up an interview and make sure it is a good fit for both of us. Deep dive also includes some editing services.

I look forward to hearing from you and reading your work!

EMAIL: Catejpearce@gmail.com

TWITTER: @cate_pearce


Kate Carta

I am a completely independent freelance beta reader (and soon-to-be editor), focusing on thrillers/suspense, YA, Women's Fiction and humour. I can also work for you as part of your secondary audience in most other genres.



EMAIL: CartaEdits@gmail.com

TWITTER: @CartaEdits


Merrys Loke

I'm Merrys! I do beta-reading for YA and Middle-grade novels. My favorites are fantasy and sci-fi, but I'm open to contemporary and romance as well! I'm pretty open to the process, and I do post reviews on Goodreads and Twitter.

My services are free, and I try to be as thorough as possible. Hope to read your story soon!

EMAIL: merrysloke@gmail.com


TWITTER: @MerrysLoke


Scribbling Drake

Always up for beta reading.

(I specialize in YA/MG, Fantasy, SF.)

TWITTER: @ScribblingDrake


I.O. Scheffer

Hi. I love to write (primarily YA realistic fantasy/adventure), and will betaread for free.

I like to give constructive feedback and offer suggestions to help improve a story (if I am able to based on what I have read). I prefer to communicate with the author throughout the reading process and understand author intent to help everything come across clearer as intended. If you want me to offer grammatical edits as well, I'd love to help.

I'm a big fan of historical adventure and enjoy reading most genres, aside from romance and westerns (not to say I don't like some romance and western themes sprinkled in). I am a slower reader and like to be thorough with feedback.

If you want me to focus on something specific, just let me know!

EMAIL: ioschefferwriting@gmail.com

TWITTER: @IOScheffer

INSTAGRAM: i.o.scheffer


Tiana Parent

Hi there! I'm an indie writer in romance and drama for the most part, though I also have a healthy appreciation for the fantasy, scifi/paranormal, historical, and western genres as well. I am presently working on a collection of free-form poetry and reflective prose.

I am always enthusiastic to beta read for anyone looking for feedback, and I also review books on occasion.

I also have a background in theatre, as well as experience editing scripts and providing coverage for scripts if you are currently developing one.

I look forward to hearing from you!


The best way to reach me is by email at tiana_parent@yahoo.ca.

TWITTER: @TianaParent



Ja-Mel Vinson

I'm a beta reader! I’m happy to read any YA, NA, Fantasy, Sci-fi, or Mysteries! (Bonus points if it’s a YA Fantasy Mystery novel!)


EMAIL: caspianvinson2@gmail.com

TWITTER: @AuthorJVinson

E.J. Dawson

I offer beta reading as an open for anyone service, and while I can't always take full scripts, I will at least review the first 5k of ANYONEs manuscript for free.

My beta reading is closer to a developmental edit than just a cursory scan so you get a lot out of it.

I'll give honest feedback, no kitten gloves, I’m here to help writers.


TWITTER: @ejdawsonauthor


Tiasha Garcia

I am available as either a beta reader or book reviewer. I have 15+ years copy editing experience and will do a thorough deep read. (Really, I can't help myself.) Feedback will be honest but kind.

I prefer fantasy and sci fi, but I will read any genre of YA since, as a teacher, that's my target audience. I am happy to post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, social media, and my website if YA appropriate.

Latina, she/her.

Send me an email! I'd love to hear from you.

EMAIL: tiashateaches@gmail.com

TWITTER: Storyteaching


Adrienne Bross is on HIATUS.

Hello all! I'm Adrienne (or Addy, if you know me from Twitter). I give beta-reading feedback @ the end of each chapter of a work, both on what worked well and what might need attention. I will also point out problematic/sensitivity issues, though ONLY if I see them as serious, in the following areas: nonbinary, genderfluid, and/or bi representation, depression, anxiety, and/or OCD. I will NOT do a sensitivity read of a work for free, though I am open to discussion on a pricing, as I know money is tight.

I read any genre, though my favorites are: Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction. I much prefer New Adult (NA) and Adult (A). Please, no YA at the moment.

This is provided for free. I love to help and encourage writers. Please visit my website or catch me on Twitter to see if I am currently available for beta reads. Thank you so much!

I’m on HIATUS, be back soon!!!


TWITTER: @SkeptiCybrarian


Abbigayle Grace

Hello! I love to beta read & will also review books on Goodreads.

My experience covers three full-length manuscripts and 120+ shorter works. My favorite genre to work in is fantasy, but I enjoy most others as well. I offer a manuscript swap option, but my general rates are $1 per 1k words (i.e. a 45k word novel would cost $45). I can generally handle a manuscript every two weeks or so.

I'm also a writer, but promise to never steal your content -- nor will I share it with third parties. :)


TWITTER: @QuillesInkewell


Diana James

I offer free Alpha and Beta reading services in most genres. I am an author and am currently training to be a developmental editor. I like to make notes for you as I go, then provide an overall feedback at the end. Feel free to visit my website for more details and services!

For alpha, beta and ARC reading, please visit SERVICES.

If you have questions regarding services, please reach out to me at thewriteaffairemail@gmail.com.

TWITTER: @MyWriteAffair


Chloe Becker

My name’s Chloe Becker and I enjoy reading YA, romance, fantasy, action/adventure, and pretty much anything fiction.

I am a 16 year old living in the PNW and offer a teen’s perspective.

EMAIL: chloebecker2003@gmail.com

TWITTER: @Chloe_bee_3

Recommended by Cate Pearce.


Blake Becker

Hello, my name is Blake Becker. I am 18 living in the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy reading science fiction, action/adventure, and fantasy.

I offer a newly adult perspective and another opinion to draw from in regards to writing your work.

EMAIL: blakebecker2001@gmail.com

TWITTER: @kootie117

Recommended by Cate Pearce.

Book Reviews & Promotions

When contacting our book reviewers, please indicate where you got their contact info from. Before you send your request, make sure your work is edited, read the person’s review policy, and ask where they post your review.

The best way to contact our reviewers is via email, unless otherwise stated.


Jeanie Roberts

Will review Indie books, post on Amazon, Goodreads and IndieView. If it fits with my blog content - mostly historical fiction, I will post on blog as well. I will also do author interviews in exchange for a review of my Indie books. Details for review requests are on my blog or find me on the list of reviews on IndieView.

My favorite books are historical fiction, but will read just about anything except erotica. I do not review children's books or nonfiction, unless it is historical.


TWITTER: @jroberts1324


Briony Rose Smith

I'm always interested in helping support indie authors by reading and reviewing books. I review books I've read on GoodReads, Amazon.co.uk and on my blog. I'm open to short stories and fantasy/sci-fi stories up to or around 300 pages. You can check out my preferences further on my website and use that or my e-mail to get in touch:





Caitlin Haines

There is a team of reviewers I manage on Functionally Fictional. However, due to time constraints and busy schedules, we are currently not taking review requests.

I offer free promotion to all books via Functionally Fictional. There is a Promoted Books page, where each book gets its own post that includes the title, author, purchase link (Amazon unless specifically asked for another site), cover, and synopsis. I also have a featured book each week on the homepage, which has all of that same information, plus any author information they wish to share (bio, photo, social media links, etc). The featured book(s) are then shared across Facebook and Twitter pages. I can also do cover reveals, release day shares, blog tours, author interviews, and I'm open to other suggestions.


TWITTER: @c8_marie | @FunctionalFic


TJ Fox

I’m a book reviewer and indie author that is open to reviewing indie books. The reviews I write get posted on my blog, Amazon and Goodreads with Twitter and Facebook posts that link back to my blog.

Please see the review policy on my blog for details on preferences and requirements for the books I’ll agree to review.






Kathryn Newbould

I am a book reviewer on YouTube, and have a focus on indie books in my "choosing what to read next" game that I play!

I offer only honest reviews... Which means sometimes they will be bad. I always try to offer constructive feedback when it is, and focus on the positive.


TWITTER: @kathryn_talks


Kameron Brook

I'm a published author, book reviewer and proofreader. I also conduct author interviews and host giveaways. I will read and promote any genre; however, there are certain subject matters that I won’t read/promote. The forbidden topics are listed on my services page.





TWITTER: @superkambrook


Diana James

I am an author and am currently training to be a developmental editor. I offer ARC and standard review services and will provide a review on Amazon and Goodreads. I will also post about your work on my Twitter and in my Facebook group. I may even post about you on my blog! I just ask for a copy of your work so that I may read it and review. Feel free to visit my website for more details and services!

For alpha, beta and ARC reading, please visit SERVICES.

If you have questions regarding services, please reach out to me at thewriteaffairemail@gmail.com.

TWITTER: @MyWriteAffair


Margaret Laupp

I am a booktuber with a heavy focus on indie books. In return for free copies (physical or digital) an indie author receives an ~10 to ~20 minute video discussing my thoughts and opinions on their book, as well as suggesting the audience that would appreciate it. Their books may also come up on other related videos as they fit. I read nearly every genre, though I gravitate more towards adult than any other age range.



EMAIL: margaret.laupp@gmail.com

TWITTER: @margaret_adelle


Lydia Schoch

I write speculative fiction indie book reviews. I post the reviews on my Wordpress site, Twitter, and on Goodreads. My favourite sub-genres are hard science fiction, paranormal, and modern fantasy. I occasionally review non-gory horror stories, but I do not review romance, erotica, or inspirational fiction.

While I always focus on the things I enjoyed about a book, please note that I do include friendly constructive criticism in my reviews as well when necessary. If you are only interested in 100% positive reviews, I may not be the most appropriate reviewer for you.

I also have an interview series going on at my site for anyone who reads or writes speculative fiction.


EMAIL: interviews@lydiaschoch.com


TWITTER: @TorontoLydia


Paul Sheppard

I run a website called The Indie Book Club, a site where indie authors can advertise their books for free. No fees, no charges, no strings attached. Just one author trying to help others on this difficult road.

Contact me via twitter or the contact form on the website.


TWITTER: @TheIndieBooklub


Jacob Rundle

I’m a book reviewer and book blogger. I read all genres.




TWITTER: @jrundy08


Andrea Roberts

I will give an honest book review from a Christian perspective.


EMAIL: andrearobertsblog98@gmail.com

TWITTER: @andreasbooks98


Alice Davies

I can offer book reviews of your latest book on my blog (which will be promoted across social media - Instagram, twitter etc.). I offer it for free if I am sent a free physical copy of the book in the post.

You can contact me via email: mymindspeaksaloud@gmail.com.


TWITTER: @mindspeaksaloud


E. J. Dawson

  • I review indie books separately to traditional books through my website.

  • I interview indie authors on my website.

  • I host book tours for indie authors and their new releases.

  • I do a blog post once ever 2 weeks or so on writing and the publishing industry.


TWITTER: @ejdawsonauthor


Laura DiNovis Berry

I write free poetry book reviews for poets. 10% of my publishing earnings & donations are gifted to a non profit at the end of every year.

Please drop me a note at berryherwithpoems.com!



TWITTER: @poetryberry


Emily Quinn

I read books of any genre by indie authors and write a detailed review on my blog! I also post Amazon and GoodReads reviews too after each read.

There are options for quicker reviews/ARCs if needed but contact me for more info!


EMAIL: emilyquinn92@outlook.com

TWITTER: @QuintillionEm


Holley Perry

I write book reviews on my blog, http://chasingdestino.com. I love mysteries, sci-fi/fantasy, and historical fiction but try to read all genres.

Email me!


EMAIL: holley4734@gmail.com

TWITTER: @evadiva0516


Perry Wolfecastle

I offer book reviews which will be posted on my website.

I will read and review most genres apart from Erotica. I sometimes struggle with Romance, but will still happily review.

In a bid to help other authors I also extend these reviews to Goodreads, Amazon (normally .co.uk) and Pinterest.


TWITTER: @pwolfecastle


Nadejda Tsvetkova

I do short book recommendations on my website and post my reviews on Goodreads. I read mainly sci-fi books and some fantasy.

I have a three tier scale of "Read It", "Meh", and "Skip It". I'm ruthlessly honest, but not mean. If I like a book, I will say it.


EMAIL: AuthorNadejda@gmail.com

TWITTER: @AuthorNadejda


Irene Cole

I review on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, and my blog. If I like your book I promote the heck out of it on social media. I prefer horror and psychological thrillers. I am fairly active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you would like your book reviewed feel free to contact me.

I accept hard copies or mobi files for review. I do this for free out of a love for reading. My opinions are honest, so if you are looking for an automatic 4 or 5 star review I am not the person to ask. I am not able to accommodate every request for review but I do my best to get to them in a timely fashion.

My acceptance of a book does not guarantee a review. If I feel your book is not a good fit for me or if I am simply not enjoying it I find it is just best to move on to the next book rather than write an unfavorable review.


EMAIL: wellwortharead@cox.net

TWITTER: @swaggerene1



Booksprout is a large community of reviewers.

You can list your ARC or your book on launch day, or whenever, and watch the reviews start dripping.

Booksprout reviews are permitted on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, etc., and there’s a free account option.

WEBSITE: booksprout.co



StoryOrigin is a community of authors that help each other get more readers and reviewers through newsletter swaps and group promotions.

WEBSITE: storyoriginapp.com


Abby Paul

Mabby's Bookclub is a twitter-based discussion group that loves to support Indie authors.

Books can be included in the monthly reader's choice poll and if chosen, would be advertised and promoted for an entire month prior to the discussion.

The organizers, Abby Paul and Mikki Noble, will also post honest reviews of the book on a preferred external website.

EMAIL: mabbysbookclub@gmail.com

TWITTER: @Mabbysbookclub


Sheena Martinez

Whether you are an author, publisher and/or publicist, I am always open to books for reviews, guest posts, interviews, book tours, and promo posts. As an avid reader and reviewer, looking for new books to read is always a fun adventure and am happy to consider review requests in exchange for an honest review.

If you are requesting me to read and review a book please be aware that I have a strict, self-imposed honesty policy when it comes to my reviews and will always provide real feedback on everything provided to me. If you are uncomfortable with the possibility of receiving a negative review, please do not send me a request. I promise that all of my reviews will be respectful but honest, and please remember that I am reviewing books, not the authors.

Please send all requests to smm070791@gmail.com and to get a better idea on how I review, you can access my review policy here.


Tabatha Shipley

I have a YouTube channel where I post monthly (honest) reviews of books, including indie titles.

Check out my review policy, see a sample YouTube review video, and submit your request here: CLICK.

TWITTER: @ShipleyTabatha


Paige Green

I am a book reviewer first and foremost but I also run Indie Blog Hop, which is an absolutely free indie book promotion site/book tour site.


TWITTER: Popthebutterfly

INSTAGRAM: Popthebutterfly and indie_blog_hop


Adrienne Bross is on HIATUS.

Hello! I'm Adrienne (or Addy, if you know me from Twitter). I post reviews on GoodReads, Amazon.com, and NetGalley.com, but I'm open to posting a review anywhere, so long as it isn't Facebook (I don't use FB for data privacy reasons). I usually do this in exchange for a copy of the work. I love to help and encourage writers.

I read any genre, though my favorites are: Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction. I much prefer New Adult (NA) and Adult (A). Please, no YA at the moment.

Please visit my website or catch me on Twitter to see if I am currently available for reviews. Thank you so much!

I’m on HIATUS, be back soon!!!


TWITTER: @SkeptiCybrarian


Terence MacManus

I'm an Indie author, book reviewer and podcaster!

I review Indie books and host author interviews on my website and podcast, and I also run the blog for the Digital Strips podcast, the world's longest-running webcomics discovery/review show. Below is a link to my podcast and a link to my website where I post my longer-form Indie novel reviews.

The #WritingCommunity has made my Twitter experience so much richer; glad to plug back into it and offer something in return! :-)




EMAIL: terrytalksfiction@gmail.com

TWITTER: @tcmacmanus


Neil Sharma

I'm a book reviewer that focuses on Historical Fiction and Fantasy. My specific interest lies in novels set in the Ancient World, from a Non-Asian perspective. For example, I review any of the following: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Tang China, Han China, Ancient India, Indian Mythic Fiction, Medieval Spain, Medieval France, Crusades. I review fantasy books that have Asian/Arabian inspired cultures.

I post my reviews on Goodreads/Twitter/Netgalley/Wordpress. I am also willing to do Indie book reviews.




EMAIL: neilsharma.co.uk@gmail.com

TWITTER: @Madaaworld12


Katie Robson

I’m a book reviewer and I love helping support indie authors - I post my reviews to my blog, Amazon, GoodReads and NetGalley.

I’m open to all genres.

I run a book blog; as well as posting my reviews on there I am happy to host guest posts, assist with cover reveals/announcements, author Q&As, etc. All my blog posts get shared direct to my Twitter account.


EMAIL: kt.robson@outlook.com


Editors & editing Software

When contacting our editors, please indicate where you got their contact info from. Also, make sure you understand the different types of editing (to figure out what you need) and feel free to ask for a sample edit.


Bryony Leah

I'm a freelance editor specializing in Romance, Young Adult, New Adult, Contemporary, and Erotic Fiction. Based between the UK and USA, I work with self-publishing authors to help polish manuscripts for publication. I'm a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and I've trained with the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.

I offer affordable proofreading, copy editing, developmental editing, manuscript critiques, and miscellaneous editorial services. I'm always open to new clients! Please get in touch to discuss your project and to arrange a sample edit.



EMAIL: bryony@bryonyleah.com

TWITTER: @bry_mag


RaeAnne Betzelberger

I've been working as a freelance editor for three years and I offer affordable proofreading and critiquing services!

I'm something of an empath, so I'm always quite careful with how I word my critiques, and I've been told that this has really helped put clients at ease!



EMAIL: thelavenderprose@gmail.com

TWITTER: @LavenderProse


Jenna Neece

I offer a full line of editorial services. More info can be found at https://neeceeditorialservices.wordpress.com.


TWITTER: @jennabneece


Chris Barnes

Amy Cissell and I offer developmental, content, line, and copy editing as well as proofreading and internal formatting at reasonable prices. We offer a free sample edit for all new clients. Our clients, projects, and testimonials can be found on the front page of our website.

Amy and I often cooperate on manuscripts, especially if someone has booked multiple services. Two sets of eyes for one price!


EMAIL: editors@cissellink.com

TWITTER: @cbarneswrites, @acissellwrites


Kyle Marie McMahon

I offer copyediting, developmental editing, and writing services. While I specialize in fantasy and science fiction, I love editing all genres.


TWITTER: @LiteratusEdits



ProWritingAid is the secret weapon of the indie author. It analyzes your text and highlights key issues, such as overused words, sentence structure, repeated phrases, consistency, dialogue, pacing and readability.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned professional, ProWritingAid will tighten your writing and help you get published.

DISCOUNT CODE: VIOLETA20 (gives you 20% off, yay)

*This is an affiliate link, but don’t worry, Violeta tried all the editing software and swears by this one.


C. D. Tavenor

I am the Director of Editorial Services at Two Doctors Media Collaborative! Right now, I offer two main services:

  • Manuscript editing (content/copy/proof)

  • Book reviews (through the Two Doctors Review)

We also operate Two Doctors Media Collaborative as a small Indie Press, but are not actively seeking submissions at this time.

You can learn more at https://www.twodoctorsmedia.com!



TWITTER: @tavenorcd


Meg Trast

My name is Meg Trast; I am an editor, and I run a *free* Beta Reading program, all at Overhaul My Novel, LLC. My goal is to help take authors from their planning stage all the way to publish-ready. For this, I have tools on my website, including an informational blog chock-full of free writing advice. I published a book in July of 2019 that helps outline the process (Write That Book You Keep Talking About: How to stop planning and stop drafting.). I also offer coaching and editing services!



EMAIL: editor@overhaulmynovel.com

TWITTER: @MegTrast


Jayne Southern

I am a freelance editor - most genres including non-fiction - and a former in-house editor. My rates are sensible but I am open to negotiation and part payment arrangements.

More information at www.bookaholiceditor.com.


EMAIL: jayne@southerns.eu

TWITTER: @bookaholiceditr

 Bev Rosenbaum

I'm a former in-house fiction editor (and multi-published author) who has been offering developmental edits/critiques to indie authors on a freelance basis for several years now. My fees are low and my turnaround time, fast. And I am partnered with a fabulous copy editor so you can easily book copy edits after making my big-picture edits.

More info here: http://bevkatzrosenbaum.com.


TWITTER: @bevrosenbaum

EMAIL: bevrosenbaum@yahoo.ca


Emily Weatherburn

I am a freelance proofreader and editor and often work with indie authors to help make their writing ready for publication. I provide this service through my business, Literary Edits (www.literaryedits.com).

My site also allows me to publish weekly book and short story reviews of the content I have been reading.



EMAIL: emily@literaryedits.com

TWITTER: @ERWeatherburn, @LiteraryEdits


Heather Fitt

Hello! My website details my services, basically all editing and proofreading services. I can also arrange blog tours, which are not on the website yet.

I am open to negotiations with regards to price.



TWITTER: @LifeBookish


Julia A. Weber

I'm a freelance fiction editor and offer editorial services for MG, YA, NA, Romance, Women's Fiction, Crime Fiction, and Psychological Thrillers.

I love supporting writers on their road to (self-)publication and thrive on improving other people's stories and writing. My comments and editorial feedback will not only help make your current manuscript stronger, but -- implemented in future projects -- also stay with you over the course of your entire writing career. So it really is money well invested.


EMAIL: j.weber@jaw-editing.com

TWITTER: @JAWeberEdits

cover art and trailers

When contacting our artists, please indicate where you got their contact info from.


Violeta Nedkova

Heyyy, it’s me, the owner of the site you’re on. :)

So I’m a writer and book cover designer, and you can see samples of my work as well as client testimonials by following the links below.

My rates are pretty affordable right now, so take advantage! I would love to create an eye-catching book cover for your unique story.

Right now I am booking clients for September.



EMAIL: help@violetanedkova.com

TWITTER: @VioletaNedkova


Rupam Grimoeuvre

I am a book cover illustrator, and I offer discounted rates for indie authors.

You can check more details and work samples, here: CLICK.

TWITTER: @grimoeuvre

ElectraFox Book Trailers

ElectraFox is a creative video agency specializing in book trailers. We work with authors from concept, story-boarding, and script all the way through launch and distribution to guide them through the process of adding a book trailer as a powerful tool to their book marketing plan. We offer two types of book trailers: cinematic and express. Cinematic book trailers will make a novel look like a motion picture. Express book trailers are a fast, budget-friendly option for indie authors who want an eye-catching, professionally produced book marketing video that won't break the bank.

Find out more on electrafox.com.

TWITTER: @booktrailer4u


Paula Edith Suarez

I'm a fantasy illustrator. I do digital paintings, cellshade and traditional india ink drawings for adults and kids. Love to draw anything magical, mystical and mythological. :)

See my portfolio at: http://www.PaulaEdith.com

There are testimonials at the bottom of the 'About me' section.

EMAIL: PaulaEdith@Outlook.es



Markayla Blake

Hello! I offer pre-made and custom cover designs, as well as marketing material and author logos. While I specialize in multicultural cover art - I promote inclusion.

My website is www.coversincolor.com.

EMAIL: marykaylablake@coversincolor.com

TWITTER: @coversincolor

Mentors, coaches, classes

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Tim Storm

I help writers with their story craft so they can create engaging and moving stories. I offer articles, classes, online critique groups, and developmental editing.

Information at stormwritingschool.com.

TWITTER: @stormwritingsc1


Ralph Rotten

In addition to being an indie writer for the last decade, I also mentor new writers at writingforums.com, as well as working with new writers at my own publishing house RottenApplePublishing.com, as well as at Indies United Publishing House (IndiesUnited.net).

My personal goal is to raise the level of work being fielded by Indie writers as a way to legitimize the self publishing industry.

TWITTER: @RalphRotten0


Carissa Andrews

Hey, I help with overcoming author impostor syndrome, getting words on the page, and navigating the waters of self-publishing via in-person or virtual coaching, and/or my Badass Indie Authors online school.

I also design book covers, author biz stuff, and social media posts. I'd love to help you crush your goals!


CLASSES: Badass Indie Authors

TWITTER: @carissaandrews


Michele Sagan

Writing is like breathing for me. If you're anything like me, then you know how important it is to get the right help. You've toiled over your novel & now you're ready to send it out. I can help. Not just because I’m an editor and writing coach (with over 15 years experience in the publishing industry), but because I’m an agented author myself. So if you're interested in an editor, coach or feedback on your query package, contact me.


EMAIL: michelesagan@gmail.com

TWITTER: @michele_sagan


Meg Gorman

I’m happy to share my journey with people, especially in helping them think through their business plan. I have an MBA and treated my own self-publishing journey as a business.

I’m super passionate about the idea that people need to have a business plan as well as the creative vision.

Don’t be scared of numbers!!!!!!  

EMAIL: Meggormanauthor@gmail.com

TWITTER: @Meg_G_author

Indie Presses & Communities

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Indies United

Indies United is a publishing house designed to being together Indie writers under one house. Our goal is to not only sell a lot of books, but to legitimize the Indie publishing industry. IUPH writers keep 100% of their revenues, control their own publishing process, but publish under a single banner that allows them to collectively market their books. Think of us as a gang for writers.

If you are a serious & committed Indie writer who is looking to extend your marketing reach, then try IndiesUnited.

For queries and questions, contact Lisa Orban via www.IndiesUnited.Net.

TWITTER: @IndiesUnitedPub



KBoards is a community forum for Kindle Users and authors. It offers everything from discussions to information on strategies and tools to promotions to everything else that a new indie author might need.

There are also a lot of discounts.

If you’re a self-published author, you MUST be on the forums.


Chapter One Events

is a nonprofit focused on helping young writers learn and grow as they prepare to enter the publishing world. We host a conference every year, where we host speakers that we believe can help our attendees develop new skills. We also run a mentorship program, publish young writers anthologies, and match young writers to critique partners who are at the same place in their writing journey.
Please feel free to contact us by e mail: chapteroneconference@gmail.com

We would love to hear from you, even if you aren’t a young writer!





Scribophile is a respectful online writing workshop and writer’s
community. Writers of all skill levels join to improve each other’s work
with thoughtful critiques and by sharing their writing experience.

It’s the writing group to join if you want to find beta readers, get the
best feedback around, learn how to get published, and be a part of the
friendliest and most successful writing workshop online.


TWITTER: @scribophile



WritingForums.com is a fantastic place for writers of all skill levels to meet and learn from one another. The forum not only features stimulating conversation, but also a massive knowledge base, a Beta-reader section, feedback channels, and is home to IndiesUnited Publishing House.

Additionally, the moderators are cool, the mentors serious, and the mood is one of respect for all members. You will find no Soup Nazis here.

Visit the forum at www.writingforums.com.

TWITTER: @WritingForums



StoryOrigin is a community of authors that help each other get more readers and reviewers through newsletter swaps and group promotions.



Join the database!

Hello, lovely helper.

Are you a beta reader or a book reviewer? Do you provide a service for indie authors? Whether it’s something you do for free or you charge a fee, we want to know about it!

I’d love to add you to a growing database that’s being built to help new authors on their publishing journey. I have an engaged following of writers who dream to be authors, as well as authors who have published already, and we’re all looking for the options that fit us best. The database is open and free for everyone, as it is done on a voluntary basis.

Please drop your information here and I’ll let you know when you’ve been added to the database, so you can share the link with your friends and followers.

Thank you for helping the writing community! :)


  • If you’re offering a specialized skill, you need to be able to provide a portfolio and/or testimonials, and your work needs to be of good quality

  • If you’re offering to help for free, you need to have a website OR at least be active on social media

  • Spammy accounts will be vetted out

The Indie Helper Database - where indie authors find the help they need.

*Your application is no guarantee that you’ll be added to the list. If there’s no category for what you offer, or if you lack social proof, you might be omitted from the database.

If you encounter problems with the form, please email me directly at help@violetanedkova.com.

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