So you wrote a book.

Now what?



Get it edited

If you’re going to publish traditionally, you needn’t worry about this step so much, as your publishing house will provide you with an awesome editor.

However, if you’re planning to self-publish as most of us indies do, then you’ll need a freelance editor. But before you hire anyone, you NEED to learn about the different types of editing. Trust me, it’ll save you money.

  • developmental editing - a big picture edit where the editor tells you things about your plot, your character arcs, your … This type of editing is great as a FIRST line of defense and might result in huge rewrites. It’s also the most important and costly.

  • copyediting - a middle-ground edit that evaluates your style, the way the writing sounds and flows, and you need to get a copyeditor only if this is what worries you the most. Otherwise, I’d stick with the other two.

  • proofreading - the final line of defense, where an editor will fix your typos, bad grammar, etc. Many editors will offer this service, but you need to understand that they won’t provide any other input. If you’re expecting deep edits from a proofreader, think again.

Technically, different editors do different things, so some developmental editors might do copyediting too, and some editors will do copyediting and proofreading, and others will do all three, but you need to ask before you pay.

Decide whether your book needs a big picture edit or surface edits, and find the best editor for the job.

And since I’m a big picture kind of gal, I’m volunteering as tribute to be your developmental editor.

Here’s what we’ll work on:

I will read… I will not read…

And if you need a copyeditor or a proofreader, just go to your favorite facebook group for indie authors and tell people what you need. Someone will reply almost immediately.



Get it formatted

Did you even know that you had to format your book before you self-publish it, and that it would be so painstaking that you’d want to outsource this part? No, me neither.

Here you have a few options:

  • learn it yourself (it takes a while)

  • hire someone to do it for you (you can find people on fiverr, upwork, or in facebook groups)

  • hire me to do it for you :)

Yeah… a couple of years back I cringed at the word formatting, but once I learned how to do it, it turns out it’s fun for me. Figures, right?

Basically, I would be:

  • making sure

Disclaimer: I don’t use InDesign, but I assure you, Word gives me just as much flexibility and control, and everything I’ve created with Word looks just as professional.


Get a book cover

Here’s where we might have our first disagreement.

I honestly believe that your book cover is what will catch people’s eye and make them want to read the blurb. Which means your book cover will be the single most important thing in your sales strategy. There, I said it.

And you can go three ways:

  • do it yourself with tools like

  • if you’re on a tight budget you can

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a professionally designed book cover.

Here are some hard and fast truths:

  • your designer has more experience;

  • your designer has an eye for layout, combining different elements, catching the eye, and making it beautiful;

  • your designer knows the trends for each genre and won’t make a cover that looks like another genre (if you make that mistake, your readers will not find your book or they will think your book is another genre and end up leaving you angry reviews, yikes), so listen to your designer, don’t be too precious with your ideas.

And hey, if you still want to do your cover yourself, I wish you luck and maybe it’ll turn great in the end. :)

But if you want a cover professionally made - both ebook and print - you can take a look at my book covers. I would absolutely love to create a unique and eye-catching book cover that represents your book perfectly.


Get it published!

Aaaa, you’re so close to publishing!

Did you know that you can publish your book right now - both ebook and print - and it would be free?! I know, it blows my mind too… which is why I prefer self-publishing, but if you’d rather publish traditionally, that’s OK too.

While the traditional route involves a lot of waiting around to hear back, the indie route is fun, fast, and you have all the creative control. On the other hand, you also have all the responsibility. Both sides of the coin have their pros and cons, but you probably just KNOW which way you wanna go.

If you want to self-publish…

  • Decide whether you want to publish ebook only, or you want a paperback version, too. It’s all free on Kindle Direct Publishing, and Ingramspark’s fee is just $49.

  • Have your book beta read and edited and READY before you proceed to publishing. Or you can give it for a final round of proofreading while you do the rest.

  • Have your book cover ready or hire someone to do it for you while you get the other stuff lined up. You’ll also have to give your designer a template if you’re going to publish a print version, too.

  • Format your book. You can do it with Word, there are a ton of tutorials on Youtube, but it takes patience and time. Otherwise you can outsource it.

  • Get an ISBN - KDP gives you a free ISBN, or you can get a free one from booknow, or you can buy them here, depending on whether you want to publish on multiple platforms or just in one place.

Once you have everything in place, you can upload all the things on your chosen platform and BOOM:


What a joyful day! What pride! What—

Oh, did I mention that no one’s gonna buy it if you don’t launch it properly? No one’s going to even notice it’s out there. Just your friends and family.

To avoid such a fiasco, you’re going to have to come up with a solid BOOK LAUNCH PLAN. But be warned - a proper launch can take up to months, so look at your calendar right now, decide when you want to release the book and see if you have enough time to prepare and execute your plan.

Here are some helpful resources:

keywords and categories



- and grow -

your author platform

Technically, this could go in the beginning because if you don’t have an author platform already, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Or maybe you do have one, but you’re not too happy with it, or you want to improve your marketing.

First things first. What is an author platform?

An author platform is your presence online. It’s your website, where your books go, your audience and how you keep in touch with them, your place within the writing community and your relationships, your social media presence, and your marketing strategy overall (not specifically your launch strategy or book sales, just your marketing overall).

An author platform is everything you need to sell books.

And it’s important to note that not only indie authors go for it. Agents and publishers also look at author platforms to determine whether they want to sign a new author.

So whether you want to self-publish or publish traditionally, you need to build your author platform, and grow it.

I’ve been a coach for a few years now, and I’ve helped many writers and creators find their voice and message online, and develop their strategy. I would love to help you, too!

I can help you find your message online, find your people, and build your own loyal community of readers.

I can also help you build your website and develop a marketing strategy that is not sleazy, but fun! No, I’m not joking. Actually, marketing is what you make it, and if you make it fit YOU, not the other way around, then you’ll have a pretty fun marketing strategy. Just like I do.

You can have a working website and a marketing strategy in no more than a month. Can you believe it???

What do you need?

Wouldn’t it be neat to have all of those things done in one place instead of all around by different people?

This is where I offer you a MEGA-PACK of editing + formatting + book cover + marketing. Check the ones you need and leave the ones you don’t, and I’ll send you back a quote. If you choose the MEGA-PACK, we’ll spend 2 months in the trenches and you won’t be alone in this anymore.

Depending on what you need, your budget needs to be anywhere between $895 and $2500.

Can’t wait to start!

rebel on 200.png

Disclaimer: I can only help ONE mega-pack member per month, so if you want to take this for a spin, bear in mind there could be a waiting queue.

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