Hey there rebel!

So... what's a focus session?

It's a 50-minute session during which you work alongside someone, each on your own project. You have your cameras on (mikes muted), so you know the other person's working.

At the beginning of the session, you tell each other what you're going to be working on, and then you work on that for 50 minutes straight, or you take a break in the middle. When you're done, you tell each other how you did.

And now I'm offering you to do focus sessions with me and other rebels!

Just pick a time that works for you. >>

Disclaimer: Book your session at least 24 hours beforehand and if you have to reschedule, do so at least 2 hours before it starts. Thanks. 


I have not found anything comparable to this. It's helped me get more work done in a month than I'd done in a year AND I've done some boring work, too. Focus sessions are great for that because they force you to do focused work and they have that accountability element you need to actually get sh*t DONE.

If you enjoy coworking spaces, but would like to work in your own space and still have that feeling of working alongside other people, you'll looooove this.

No more talking, let's just try it! Schedule your session. >>


P.S. The sessions contain between 2 and 4 people. I'll be there for most sessions, but if I'm unavailable, I'll  make sure somebody else is going to show up, and if nobody's available, I'll let you know that it's canceled via email. 

P.P.S. I borrowed the idea from focusmate.com, which you can also use, for free, and you'll be working alongside all kinds of people worldwide. 💜