Hey there, looking for a coach?

I can help you write more, build your author platform, and sell more books!

And I’ll give you the space to be yourself and do things your way.


My name is Violeta.

I’m a writer, multi-passionate, and book cover designer for indie authors. I love helping the indie community.

Hey there writer!

Welcome to my coaching page! First of all, I’m proud of you for seeking help. I did it when I first started blogging and to this day, I still insist it was my best investment.

Secondly, you should know that I provide a hybrid of coaching + consulting, and that I’ve been a marketing consultant the longest. However, I’ve helped a lot of creatives discover their voices online and build their brands from scratch, so this is the other thing I do best. Finally, some people come to me simply because they feel lost or blocked and they want to go back to basics.

Whatever problem you have - whether you’re blocked or you know nothing about marketing or it’s something else - I’ll be more than happy to help in any way I can. My biggest wish for you is to be fulfilled in what you do and to live your life on your terms.

So keep scrolling and let me know how I can help!

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Welcome to coaching for writers, indie authors, and creative rebels.

 You’re here:

This is *not* for people who are looking for quick fixes, who are not interested in introspection, and who are not willing to do the work.

You want to be here:


Life Coaching

I have been a coach for …, and most of the issues people struggle with have been low confidence, limiting beliefs and fears,


Marketing Coaching

Another thing that I have personally helped a lot of creatives with - first I was a consultant, now a coach - is marketing. As a creative, you probably think it’s this tacky, sleazy, boring thing, but actually, marketing is what you make it, so it can be just as authentic and creative as you are, fun even.

Whether you’re a writer building their author platform, an indie author promoting their book, or just a creative growing their brand, I can help you: a) own it, and b) grow it.

I have personally helped writers, bloggers, amll bizuness owners, artisans,


Multipassionate Coaching

This final type of coaching is my personal favorite because a) I’m multipassionate myself and b) not many people are doing it.

Not many people know they’re even multipassionate and that not choosing just one thing is completely OKAY. I have written many articles on the topic, have created a course called The Multipassionate Puzzle, and have created my very own system that helps me help fellow creatives with many interests.

Whether you’re struggling with having too many interests or you want to create a business that incorporates most of them, I can help you. I have been through the process myself.


Get you unblocked.

Most people think that when they’re blocked - whether you can’t write or you can’t finish your stories or something else - it’s due to lack of ideas or lack of practice, but often it’s because of a liming belief that’s so deep-seated, that you didn’t even know it existed. Thing is, those beliefs dictate everything you do.

I can help you get to the heart of it and push through, so you emerge a stronger person and a better writer.


Build your author platform.

If you haven’t done this yet, consider this - it takes years to build a successful platform, so the more you put it off, the longer you’ll wait.

And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be this huge, fake thing - your platform can be just as creative and authentic as you are, not some selling machine.

Let me help you show the world who you are and share your stories.

Grow your author platform and sell more books.

Marketing is one of the biggest challenges - if not the biggest - for writers, who just want to write!

Don’t worry, I have a fullproof system that will help you grow and sell in a way that doesn’t make you gag.

And I have all the resources, so all that’s left is to do is to create a good marketing strategy and/or book launch plan. Let’s get started!


Do all the things.

You want to do all the things, but people keep saying you have to pick something. Gah!

Whoever’s been telling you this obviously never met a multipassionate in their life. If I were to list all the things I’ve done, you’d think I’ve lived dozens of lives. It’s the way it should be.

(If you’d rather work alone, I made a course for ya - The Multipassionate Puzzle.)

Stop looking to others and do what you do best.

As long as you compare yourself to others and do what they do, hoping it would bring you the same level of success, you’ll be unhappy and it won’t even work because we all have our unique journeys, strengths, and processes.

Trust yourself and let me help you discover who you are and what you do best.


When I felt overwhelmed by all the things that one needs to do in order to start a business, when I kept procrastinating and thinking "I'm not ready for this", Violeta was the ideal accountability buddy.

She listened to me and pushed my limits, whilst gently guiding me on how to become more at peace with myself and to believe in my own abilities. She also helped me realise how to target my ideal clients and how to appeal to them without being too pushy.

I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to build a brand with image and personality.

Atiba,  writer

Atiba, writer

I felt so bored and restricted with blog branding and niches...

I knew that brands can be fun, but it was Violeta who helped me realize how MY brand can be fun. She looked over all of my half formed plans, gave me a lot of cool ideas, and yet she never told me that I should do as she says - she was all about creating something that I would love.

If you have grown to hate the usual blogging and business strategies, and want to do your own thing, Violeta has to be your go-to person!

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What do you need?

I currently offer 3 coaching packets. See if one of them fits your needs.

Packet #1 includes:

  • 1 coaching session on skype, 45 minutes

  • 1 custom workbook, including session notes, questions, exercises, and rebel resources

  • VIP email access to me

Packet #1 is for:

  • people who need help with a single thing that’s not too big and that can be addressed in 1 session

  • people who have a question or seek a recommendation

Price: $95

Duration: 1 week

Packet #2 includes:

  • 3 coaching sessions** on skype, 45 minutes each

  • 3 custom workbooks, including session notes, questions, exercises, and rebel resources

  • VIP email access to me

Packet #2 is for:

  • people who need help with a singular goal that’s too big for a single session - like revamping their marketing strategy, so it fits them better or building their author platform from scratch, etc.

Price: $325 (or 2 installments of $165)

Duration: 1 month

Packet #3 includes:

  • 6 coaching sessions on skype, 45 minutes each

  • 6 custom workbooks, including session notes, questions, exercises, and rebel resources

  • VIP email access to me

Packet #3 is for:

  • people who are taking a BIG step, so they need ongoing support for a longer time period

  • people who take more time to do things - I’m the same way

Price: $650 (or 3 installments of $255)

Duration: 3 months

how it works 350 4.png


First I email you with a couple of questions, so we can start off with a clear goal and course of action.


We meet for 45 minutes on Skype every week (or every other week) to figure things out, check your progress, and set new tasks.



After each session you get a custom workbook with questions & exercises to work on for next time.



Finally, you get VIP access to me via email, so you can ask me anything anytime without waiting.


I’m not working in August, so keep in mind I won’t be available then.


what's a custom workbook?

Apart from working together, you'll also work on your own by filling out a workbook after each session.

The custom workbooks contain:

  • all the notes from our session;
  • questions and exercises to complete for next session (before that, I'll take a look and leave comments and we can discuss some points during that session);
  • resources and materials you might need - materials I've created and resources from other rebels;
  • your assignment/s for next time;
  • see this sample workbook.
Manuela Williams  - writer, writing coach, multipassionate

Manuela Williams - writer, writing coach, multipassionate

Violeta’s coaching helped me realize that I don't have to do what everyone else is doing. Instead, I can pick and choose what works for ME, and as a result, I'm a lot happier. Violeta’s coaching style is supportive, encouraging, and 100% REAL (no BS!). I would absolutely recommend this type of coaching to other creative rebels and multipassionates because Violeta's workbooks and coaching sessions are invaluable.

Pamona Purdy  - jewelry designer, multipassionate, entrepreneur

Pamona Purdy - jewelry designer, multipassionate, entrepreneur

Violeta understood my dilemma of being confused by the many roads I could pursue. She also understood my desire to create a distinctive brand and she asked the right questions to keep me focused. At the end of our sessions I had set goals I was on fire for and with her encouragement I was able to follow through because together I had written down a crystal clear plan of action.


Let’s work together!


Drop me a note, describing your situation, and I’ll recommend the best coaching packet for you (along with a detailed plan of action that we can adjust later).

Jennifer Coyle, multipassionate at  Hello Brio

Jennifer Coyle, multipassionate at Hello Brio

I was looking for coaching because I was having difficulty figuring out how and if I could combine two different blogs into one cohesive blog. So I enlisted Violeta's help because she works specifically with multipassionate people. I knew she'd have the vision to help me merge multiple topics into one blog and have it make sense and thrive.

Violeta knew exactly what questions to ask me to help steer me in the right directions. I would recommend Coaching for Creative Rebels to anyone looking to attract the right audience with the right, unique message.

Hannah,  blogger

Hannah, blogger

Violeta actually gives out useful and personal advice which helps you to figure out your own path and where you already knew you should be headed.

I have been able to start an email newsletter and plan out future blog posts because of Violeta.

I have not found anyone comparable to her and would recommend every creative or multipotentialite friend I know to use Violeta's services.


What's multipassionate?

Being multipassionate means that you have many interests and that you can't choose one thing to specialize in. While most people think this is a bad thing and society favors specialists, it's normal for us and it can be great.

Why should I invest in coaching? 

You're not investing in coaching, you're investing in your dream. 

Whatever your creative dream is, coaching will help. It will help unearth your mental blocks, make progress, and free you from your own limitations.

My particular brand of coaching is a blend of coaching and consulting, which means that I will help you find YOUR truth and give you access to MY knowledge. 

I myself invested in coaching twice and it made all the difference. The first time was when I needed to start something more authentic and the second time was when I wanted to uplevel my game. It's a game-changer whenever you do it, even though it's not a "tangible" thing, those can make the biggest difference.

How is this different?

First of all, it's part-coaching, part-consulting, so apart from coaching, you get all of the knowledge and resources I've accumulated during the past 3 years as a business owner, 6 years as a marketing expert, and 13 years as a blogger.

Secondly, we're going to be focusing on what YOU want, what YOU do best, and how YOU can make it happen. I will never recommend something that does not fit you naturally and also, I've a ton of exercises that will help you unveil your truth and your talents, so you can use them to carve your perfect creative path.

Finally, I'm all about DOING, so at every step of the way I'll encourage you to DO things, rather than just plan and talk about things. Which means that I can guarantee some progress and results at the end of our time together. 

What's a custom workbook?

A custom workbook is a workbook that I create specifically for you after our session, and it contains: what we talked about, any exercises and questions I think would help, your assignment if we came up with one, and a list of resources that could help you even further, as well as any links we discussed in our session.

It's on google drive, so you can easily share your results with me!

Wanna see? Here's a sample custom workbook.

What's in the product library?

I have put all of my teaching materials in there - 3 ebooks, 3 courses (some of which I haven't even launched yet!), 9 miniguides, 4 secret lessons and 6 exclusive stories on Soundcloud, important content, exercises, wallpapers, tarot readings, and all the rebel resources that I recommend to my clients.

Are there payment plans?