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This is Coaching for Creative Rebels - it will give you the space you need to be yourself, do things your way, and build things that matter.

 Violeta Nedkova, coach for creative rebels and multipassionates

Hey there rebel!

If you're wondering what I do exactly, I help creatives and multipassionates who are tired of following other people's rules, to go back to what they love, do what they do best, and build authentic businesses on the Internet.

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Bloggers and freelancers!

You are tired of playing by other people's rules and want to take it up a notch and turn your hustle into a creative business that feels right to you and stands out in your industry.

You also want to be able to promote yourself in fun ways that are not at all icky, but authentic and creative.

Creative business owners!

You want to grow your business in a way that fits YOU. You want a strategy that doesn't make you feel salesy, highlights your strengths and values, and helps the right people to find you.

And you want to have a strong and clear brand that reflects who you are and stands out in your industry.

Multipassionate creatives!

You want to start something meaningful and sustainable, something that will outlast your crazy creative ideas and won't ask you to compromise your passions.

And you want to HAVE FUN, dammit. You don't want just another boring brand or suffocating business.


This is *not* for people who are looking for quick fixes, who are not interested in creativity or introspection, who do not share the creative rebel values, or for people who are not willing to do the work.

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Overcome your creative fears and boost your confidence.

Pick an idea for your blog that you won't want to change.

Figure out fun ways to share your work and grow your audience.

Improve your day-to-day creative habits, like procrastination, perfectionism, etc.

Build a schedule that won't feel constrictive and that will match your natural energy flow.

Find your way of getting things done, showing up consistently and completing your projects.

Find the ultimate idea for your new creative (rebel) business.

Figure out who your people are and what only you can offer them.

Create your very own rebel niche, one that will not be as restrictive.

Come up with a business plan that fits your natural strengths.

Grow your business your way, not the way the experts say.

Come up with "rebel alternatives" to strategies you hate - like webinars, long launches, funnels, etc.

Build a brand that feels right and stands out - your true brand.

Overcome your limiting beliefs about your multipotentiality.

Bet on your strengths rather than worry about your weaknesses, and yes, you have many strengths.

Integrate your many interests into the ultimate career or business.

Find your Core Message, the one that holds everything together.

Build a brand that will evolve with you and last through all of your creative projects (multipassionate brand).

Figure out how to "niche" so that you can attract the right people, without putting your brand into a box.

 Eduardo, multi-passionate

Eduardo, multi-passionate

I chose this type of coaching because it felt much more natural.
As a multipassionate I was looking for a way to converge my various passions in a way that made sense to me. 
The entire process was fun, engaging and respectful of my unique ways. I'd totally recommend it to creatives and multi-passionates who want to create from their most authentic selves; to entrepreneurs seeking to develop creative businesses around their uniqueness; and to anyone who wants to develop their art, their way.
There aren’t a lot of coaches that I feel like I can relate to, or agree with on any level whatsoever, so I picked Violeta because she is all about celebrating your strengths and using them to your advantage.
I'd definitely recommend Violeta to all the big-hearted creatives out there that are willing to take action courageously. She will motivate you to take smart, strategic risks, through her bullshit-free words of encouragement.

Packet #1 includes:

  • 3 coaching sessions on skype, 45 minutes each
  • 3 custom workbooks, 10 pages each, including session notes, questions, exercises, and rebel resources
  • focus sessions with me or fellow rebels
  • VIP email access to me

Packet #1 is for:

  • people who need help with a singular goal, like revamping their marketing strategy so it fits them better or building better habits or building their brand core - purpose, core message, etc. 

Price: $375 (or 2 installments of $190)

Duration: 1 month


Packet #2 includes:

  • 6 coaching sessions on skype, 45 minutes each
  • 6 custom workbooks, 10 pages each, including session notes, questions, exercises, and rebel resources
  • focus sessions with me or fellow rebels
  • VIP email access to me
  • access to my product library, where I keep all of my ebooks and courses and client materials
  • weekly accountability checkins

Packet #2 is for:

  • people who need ongoing support
  • people who are taking a BIG step, like starting a business or converging their many interests, and so they need my help for a longer time period
  • people who want to have access to all of my teaching materials - 50+ ebooks, courses, miniguides, lessons, and resources - so they can not only work with me one-on-one but also learn from everything I know

Price: $950 (or 3 installments of $320)

Duration: 3 months


what's a custom workbook?

Apart from working together, you'll also work on your own by filling out a workbook after each session.

The custom workbooks contain:

  • all the notes from our session;
  • questions and exercises to complete for next session (before that, I'll take a look and leave comments and we can discuss some points during that session);
  • resources and materials you might need - materials I've created and resources from other rebels;
  • your assignment/s for next time;
  • see this sample workbook.

What's in the product library?

100+ teaching materials & resources for creative rebels and multi-passionates.

Basically, I have accumulated a LOT of teaching materials (and I'm not even slowing down), but I don't always use them, so they remain forgotten and sad... which is why I put them together in this ultimate collection for VIP clients. 

(By VIP clients I mean those who choose Packet #2.)

It has everything: ebooks, courses (not even launched yet!), miniguides, secret lessons and stories, rebel resources, exercises, a curation of 70+ names of rebels and their crazy projects, and even tarot readings, for crying out loud.

Just click on any one of the images above and you'll see what I'm talking about. The screenshots contain only about 50% of the library, just bear that in mind. :)

 Inga,  Feel Linen
If you own a small creative business or are planning to start one, Violeta's coaching will be the navigation system in your jungle of ideas.
Our business was in the center of all discussions and homework, no general bla bla from thick theory books. During the training, we developed amazing strategies for our small online brand and have a clear and structured map for them. We feel that all these strategies come straight from our heart and this is only thanks to Violeta's knowledge and creative mind!
 Hannah,  blogger

Hannah, blogger

Violeta actually gives out useful and personal advice which helps you to figure out your own path and where you already knew you should be headed.
I have been able to start an email newsletter and plan out future blog posts because of Violeta.
I have not found anyone comparable to her and would recommend every creative or multipotentialite friend I know to use Violeta's services.

LET'S work together!


Update: I am booking for September! Apply below to reserve your spot.


Coaching Packet #1

This packet is for you if you have a singular goal. It includes 3 coaching sessions, 3 custom workbooks, and email support for 1 month. 

PRICE: $375 (or 2 installments of $190)

AVAILABILITY: 2 spots available

DURATION: 1 month

Coaching Packet #2

This packet is for you if you're taking a big step and need ongoing support. It includes 6 sessions, 6 workbooks, access to my product library, accountability and email support for 3 months.

PRICE: $950 (or 3 installments of $320)

AVAILABILITY: 1 spot available

DURATION: 3 months

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First I email you with a couple of questions, so we can start off with a clear goal and course of action.


We meet for 45 minutes on Skype every week to figure things out, check your progress, and set new tasks.



After each session you get a custom workbook with questions & exercises to work on for the next session.



Finally, you get VIP access to me via email and virtual focus sessions, which are open to all my clients.


If you choose packet #2, you'll also get access to my product library and weekly accountability emails.


You'll know exactly what to do and how to do it.

But only if that way fits with your nature and deepest desires.

A big advantage of working with me is that I help you uncover your deepest desires, brainstorm fun ways to make them happen, and most of all, we never lose sight of who you are and what you do best.


You'll be more confident in your own ways.

And by ways I mean your talents, your methods, and your choices.

Most people who come to me are so hung up on how the experts do it that they don't even know how THEY want to do it or what would fit them better. So I'll help you figure out what fits YOU best, and give you examples of rebels who make it work.

You'll have the tools you need to get it done.

Where "it" is starting a business or growing yours, etc., I got you.

I recommend the best resources and tools to my clients, so you'll have access to that AND to my own product library of 70+ materials (books, courses, guides, etc.). Plus all the accountability you need.


You don't need to play it by their rules.

get your joy and freedom back.


who am i 350 2.png
 Violeta Nedkova, coach for creative rebels and people with too many interests

I'm Violeta, and I'm a multipassionate creative rebel.

I've been a business owner for 3 years and a coach for 2. Before that I was a marketing consultant for 3 years, specializing in content and social media marketing, and overall I've been blogging and starting creative projects for the past decade. So you're in good hands. :)

Now I help creative rebels and multipassionates go back to basics and get sh*t done, by finding your authentic path, integrating your passions into the ultimate brand, fostering better creative habits, and doing business your way. Other than that, I'm #ENFP & #HSP, and I am either reading my Tarot cards or feeding stray cats right now.  

When I felt overwhelmed by all the things that one needs to do in order to start a business, when I kept procrastinating and thinking "I'm not ready for this", Violeta was the ideal accountability buddy.
She listened to me and pushed my limits, whilst gently guiding me on how to become more at peace with myself and to believe in my own abilities. She also helped me realise how to target my ideal clients and how to appeal to them without being too pushy. 
I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to build a brand with image and personality.
 Atiba,  writer

Atiba, writer

I felt so bored and restricted with blog branding and niches... 
I knew that brands can be fun, but it was Violeta who helped me realize how MY brand can be fun. She looked over all of my half formed plans, gave me a lot of cool ideas, and yet she never told me that I should do as she says - she was all about creating something that I would love. 
If you have grown to hate the usual blogging and business strategies, and want to do your own thing, Violeta has to be your go-to person!
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Update: I am booking for September! Apply below to reserve your spot.


Still on the fence?

That's all right, just email me and we'll figure it out. :)

Name *

What's multipassionate?

Being multipassionate means that you have many interests and that you can't choose one thing to specialize in. While most people think this is a bad thing and society favors specialists, it's normal for us and it can be great.

Why should I invest in coaching? 

You're not investing in coaching, you're investing in your dream. 

Whatever your creative dream is, coaching will help. It will help unearth your mental blocks, make progress, and free you from your own limitations.

My particular brand of coaching is a blend of coaching and consulting, which means that I will help you find YOUR truth and give you access to MY knowledge. 

I myself invested in coaching twice and it made all the difference. The first time was when I needed to start something more authentic and the second time was when I wanted to uplevel my game. It's a game-changer whenever you do it, even though it's not a "tangible" thing, those can make the biggest difference.

How is this different?

First of all, it's part-coaching, part-consulting, so apart from coaching, you get all of the knowledge and resources I've accumulated during the past 3 years as a business owner, 6 years as a marketing expert, and 13 years as a blogger.

Secondly, we're going to be focusing on what YOU want, what YOU do best, and how YOU can make it happen. I will never recommend something that does not fit you naturally and also, I've a ton of exercises that will help you unveil your truth and your talents, so you can use them to carve your perfect creative path.

Finally, I'm all about DOING, so at every step of the way I'll encourage you to DO things, rather than just plan and talk about things. Which means that I can guarantee some progress and results at the end of our time together. 

What's a focus session?

So you're probably overwhelmed by your todo list or you've been procrastinating on certain tasks, and you need some accountability, am I right?

A focus session is a virtual coworking session where we work alongside each other, or you do it alongside other people who are doing similar things. You can do it for free on focusmate.com, but you can also do it with me and other creative rebels who are going through the same thing as you are. Each session is 50 minutes, at the start we tell each other what we'll be working on and at the end we share what our progress is, and that's it. Simple, no? And damn effective. 

Focus sessions guarantee that you will focus for 50 minutes at a time and get your most urgent tasks done. I've done near 100 sessions so far, and I have never done so much work, especially of the boring, I don't-wanna-do-it kind.

What's a custom workbook?

A custom workbook is a workbook that I create specifically for you after our session, and it contains: what we talked about, any exercises and questions I think would help, your assignment if we came up with one, and a list of resources that could help you even further, as well as any links we discussed in our session.

It's on google drive, so you can easily share your results with me!

Wanna see? Here's a sample custom workbook.

What's in the product library?

I have put all of my teaching materials in there - 3 ebooks, 3 courses (some of which I haven't even launched yet!), 9 miniguides, 4 secret lessons and 6 exclusive stories on Soundcloud, important content, exercises, wallpapers, tarot readings, and all the rebel resources that I recommend to my clients.

(Not to mention, there's more things in the works, including workshops!)

I'm working on creating a sneak peek video for ya. :)

Are there payment plans?

YES!!! There are payment plans for both packages.