There are a LOT of courses out there, but not many are for rebels.

There are a LOT of courses out there, but not many are for creative rebels. >>

You know how there was a time you bought all the online courses?

Or maybe you still do, you poor thing...

Some you take, and they sort of help, while others you forget and put away.

And while most are really helpful, I don't question that, I wonder how many consider the fact that you're a unique human being. Most of them provide some sort of blueprint that helped someone make 6-figures, and you try the same tactics, but guess what! 

They don't feel good. Or they don't work the same. Whyyyyy?

Because you're different from your teacher. Because they have leveraged one or more of their natural strengths and won out. Now they're trying to convince you that you can follow their steps and do the same, but they're wrong.

Of course, there are different levels of helpful.

  • There's the teaching-you-a-technical skill sort of helpful.
  • There's the sharing-their-journey sort of helpful.

And there's the unhelpful sort of helpful where people tell you how to do things you really should be figuring out by yourself - how to brand yourself, what to create for your peeps, how you should market yourself, and so on.

Listen up...

Things that are foundational in your business must be up to you. Otherwise they will reflect the other person, not you.

If you copy someone else's branding methods, it's their branding.

If you learn how to do marketing from someone, it is their marketing.

You need to figure out how your branding works, what your copy says, and how your marketing is going to attract your kind of people. And you're not going to achieve that by mindlessly following trends and parroting every expert out there.


Trust me, there are authentic and intuitive teachers out there who know exactly how to help you find yourself, build your kind of brand, and do business your way.

Without stealing your soul or erasing your personality in the process.

A few that come to mind:

  • Jen Carrington who is a coach and she runs the Make It Happen podcast. She believes that "you are the expert at your own life." Not only does she help her clients 1-on-1, but she also has a course called The Intuitive Workweek.
  • Caroline Winegeart uses colorful metaphors to illustrate her teachings. She can guide you straight to the heart of your problem. Check out her free Connecting with Your Core workshop first, and then the rest of her brilliant classes.
  • Sian Richardson has a no-BS approach, which I personally quite appreciate. She has this amazing magazine for rebels - The Unmistakable Effect, and her Be Unmistakable course starts with finding the branding that fits YOU (and stands out).
  • James Victore also has a no-BS approach and he takes teaching to an extreme. He tells you not to accept anything as it is, but adjust it to fit your creative process. Check out what he does with paint pens and sumi brushes.
  • Regina Anaejionu holds a lot of free workshops that pack a ton of value. Not only is her content extremely actionable, but her personality is so engaging! She makes faces, noises, jokes, and she naturally pulls you in closer.

You need teachers who understand rule #1:

They are not you, you are you, so whatever they teach will be processed through your individual prism. So basically, it will work different for you, which doesn't mean they can't help you find who that is or how you can take bits and pieces from different places and put them together to create something truly unique.

They do not give you answers, but help you find your answers.

Because I truly believe that:

Ready answers and fitting in will not get you closer to your dreams, but farther.
The only way to win on your own terms is to be who you are and stand out.
Creative rebels quote by Violeta Nedkova

So what now?

At the Creative Rebel Academy, we only have rebel instructors teaching you.

You can download the introduction packet and read all about the lessons we have lined up for Season One. We have everything from creative confidence and lettering to branding (with Sian Richardson) and monetizing (with Caroline Zook). I hope you'll join us on this transformative and rebellious journey!

(Update: The program completed in Jule 2017. It was awesome!)



Violeta Nedkova

Violeta Nedkova is a multipassionate marketer who loves helping people. She talks and writes about marketing with purpose and personality because it's so much better than traditional marketing.