Do you want to be a better creative? Try #the100DayProject!

Do you want to be a better creative? Start a daily creative practice like #the100dayproject! |

Hey there rebel!

Today marks the beginning of this year's 100 Day project.

(It was created by Elle Luna and The Great Discontent in 2014.)

Starting today, creatives all over the world are going to create something every day for the next 100 days. Whether that's painting or poetry or logos or angel dolls or stories or whatever, it doesn't matter. You can make anything.

The point of this project is to:

  • develop a daily creative habit
  • get better at your craft through daily practice
  • develop your own unique style through daily practice
  • become more confident in your craft and style
  • share your progress with the world

If this sounds like FUN, all you need is a theme, and you can start!

It can be 100 Days of Logos, 100 Days of Drawings, 100 Days of Photos, 100 Days of Poems, anything that is small enough to do on a consistent basis, or at least break into small enough chunks to do on a consistent basis.

You can see some past projects on Rebe with a Clause.

What will I be making?

Ever since I took Holly Lisle's Flash Fiction mini-course and started reading flash stories from Daily Science Fiction and Flash Fiction Online, among others, I have fallen in love with the art of telling an entire story within 500 words.

Or even less! There are 100 word stories, too!

So I'll be doing 100 Days of Flash Fiction for the 100 Days Project, and from today until the last day, I'll be writing one flash story per day. 

And if you're not on Instagram...

I will not be sharing my progress on Instagram either, like I'm "supposed to," because a) I'm a rebel and b) I'm writing on my computer and screenshots do not look good on Instagram. Instead, I'll update you guys on twitter.

(You can tweet your progress #The100DayProject.)

How can you make this easier?

A daily practice is quite the challenge because it's difficult to sustain something through uninspired days, weekends, external circumstance... and there's the question of motivation, inspiration, whether your theme is fun enough.

Basically, anything can go wrong and make you stop.

Which is why I'll offer you some quick tips:

  1. Find a buddy with whom you're going to do this project. You'll keep each other accountable and cheer one another when it gets too hard.
  2. If you can't find a buddy, try It's basically the same thing but this way, you'll have a ton of accountability buddies from all over the world. It's free and it's called "virtual coworking." Ever since I started using it, I have not had trouble with procrastination or consistency. P.S. If you want to cowork with me, I'm on there every day at 1 pm and 3 pm, EET.
  3. Try something radical to amp up your motivation. For example, you can pledge that you're going to donate $100 to the most awful cause you can think of if you fail to complete the project. (I'll (not) be donating to hunters.)
  4. Don't try to be perfect every day. Just show up and create something. If it helps, you can try my 30 Days of Sucking challenge, just make it 100. 
  5. Create a set of guidelines that you'll follow throughout the project. They'll be your safety net when things go wrong. For example, you can decide on having a few strikes or days off for health issues, and whatever makes sense for your own creative process and/or life circumstances. 

And finally...

Just make this FUN and EASY for you. 

This project is not meant to be a burden or a chore or a drag. It's meant to be fun, challenging, and enhancing for your craft, and your confidence as a creative.

I truly believe we'll all come out better on the other side. :)

Wait, before you go...

Let me know if you'll be writing as well during this project. And let me know if you'll be using focusmate or if you have questions.

Good luck!!! Always-

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Violeta Nedkova

Violeta Nedkova is a multipassionate marketer who loves helping people. She talks and writes about marketing with purpose and personality because it's so much better than traditional marketing.