All the ways to repurpose all the content you already have.

All the ways to repurpose the content you already have for your creative business. 

Hey there rebel!

You will not believe what I'm doing...

Basically, as soon as the Sun started shining and the winter fog lifted, I felt the familiar manic tug of the Spring and started revamping my site, my shop, and my marketing strategy. Sounds like a lot? Well... it is.

But the one part that has truly changed everything for me is:

Repurposing content.

Let me ask you, Do you actually know how much content you have? 

Because if you did, you would not be producing new content like a crazy monkey and wondering about the next article, the next episode, etc. 

You'd be thinking of new, creative ways to use it.

Turns out, I have a lot of content:

  • all 60+ of my published articles
  • just as many almost done, unpublished drafts
  • 60+ publishable emails from 3 years of newsletters
  • 30+ podcast episodes 
  • occasional vlogs and live workshops
  • secret audio lessons and stories on Soundcloud
  • 20+ ebooks, minibooks, and works in progress on my computer
  • failed courses material (that's perfectly fine but I never used it because I failed to complete the courses)
  • tons of client workbooks with exercises and resources
  • workshop drafts in various stages of completion
  • free trainings which I'm not offering anymore
  • interviews I have conducted with people 
  • so. many. exercises. 

When I looked at this, I realized I don't really have to come up with anything new for a while... and that I haven't been utilizing it to the best of my ability.

For example, some of the old content is pretty good, but people haven't seen/heard it a while or at all because I'm not promoting it right now. And I'm talking about evergreen content, I'm sure you have a lot of that also. 

Remember, people don't know what you don't tell them.

They don't read the articles you've buried in your blog, they don't read most of your articles actually, and the new people don't even know about some of your best content because how are they supposed to magically find it in the jungle of the Internet? And not to mention the missed opportunity here... 

Your content is meant to spread your message and if you're not using it, again and again, in different ways, then you're not doing a good job of spreading your message and attracting new people to your brand.

What I'm doing with mine:

  • I've loaded up all 60+ emails on Medium, ready to go
  • I've compiled a list of "rebel notes" that I can always refer to when I need to write something on the blog or come up with a topic for the podcast, and some of them can make a pretty cool ebook, too
  • I'm collecting some thoughts from various places to post on twitter
  • I've made a list of blog posts I want to cross-post on Medium - mostly thought pieces - and have learned how to do it properly (rather than copy and paste, "import" your story to get the right tags for Google)
  • I've started to transcribe some really good old podcast episodes (with so I can use them in courses and articles
  • I'm also transcribing any vlogs, secret lessons, and stories that I can use for promoting old and future products/events 
  • I'm rebranding some old pdfs to match the new colors (after putting this off forever!) and using them again for optins
  • I've been looking at my ebooks and thinking of ways to expand them - for example, I can turn the 40 Days of Creative Rebellion one into a challenge and the Guide to Starting a Business into a course
  • I'm compiling all of my previously "failed" courses and making a new one - Authentic Marketing Strategy - because it turns out you don't have to start from scratch if you already have all the lessons already, you just have to put them together into a logical and actionable fashion
  • I'm working on simplifying my processes and formats so that I can finish everything I start, including the Creative Rebel Workshops - this is really important because it makes all the difference between completing projects fast and torturing yourself for nothing
  • I'm also working on my "ideal products" which turn out to be more like experiences, and a Bootcamp I can throw this fall
  • I'm also turning some of the free trainings and miniguides into paid courses, too, like The Rebel Way and Better Creative Habits
  • I'm using a lot of the content I mentioned so far to create a fun email funnel for newcomers who want to learn through email
  • I'm working on creating a workable sales funnel by taking some information out of certain blog posts, positioning certain miniguides in strategic places as upgrades, and linking them up to paid products
  • Finally, I'm creating a product library that will contain all of my learning materials, and my VIP clients will have access to all of them (!!!) which is why I'll also be increasing my coaching rates this summer

You see? 

There's no point creating new stuff when you have so much you can use!

Also, there's no reason to give everything for free, and if you do give a lot of stuff for free, you can later turn them into paid products. Your content is fluid, not static, so you must constantly transform and evolve it.

And finally...

Repurposing your content will give you a new look into your business and transform your marketing strategy into something you can use again and again. 

Now's your turn:

  • use some content to publish on different platforms
  • use some content to create new formats, like podcast or video
  • use some content to put together a free optin, to get more emails
  • use some content to expand your existing products into bigger ones
  • use some content to put together a completely new product
  • use some content to create a new offering, like a membership place or a client upgrade or an experience of some sort
  • use some content to upgrade existing offerings, like bonuses, etc.
  • use some content to create funnels - email, sales, etc.
  • use some content for promotional purposes, like when you're launching a particular new product or re-launching an old one
  • use some content to create a fun challenge on social media
  • keep brainstorming fun ideas :)


I know that's a lot...

I'm kind of having the hangover of a lifetime, but in a good way because I've never done so much important work for my business. And has definitely helped me do the most boring bits. (It's virtual coworking that gives you the accountability to stop procrastinating and do your work.)

In the end, you gotta decide what's right for your business.

To be honest, I've been feeling like those past three years of my business I was mostly experimenting and having fun, rather than run the actual business, but now things are getting really serious, and it's about time that happened.

I hope today's email gave you some ideas.

I truly believe you have amazing content that you can use in all kinds of ways to reach more people and monetize your passion. 

Feel free to reply below and let me know how you're doing it. :)

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Violeta Nedkova

Violeta Nedkova is a multipassionate marketer who loves helping people. She talks and writes about marketing with purpose and personality because it's so much better than traditional marketing.