Book Review: FROM AWAY by Deke Mackey Jr.

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I give you another review for #IndieAugust!

This one is a serial (much like TV Series, the individual episodes are shorter and the storyline continues in the next installment), and I know that not everyone likes serials, but this one might as well change your mind, if you give it a chance.

FROM AWAY - 5 Stars!

From Away is the first installment of a horror serial. If you don’t like cliffhangers, maybe that’s not your read…

I am mighty impressed with this story - it has so many elements and it’s very well written, so the rating is well deserved.

We start in a lighthouse, where people keep watch against something horrific - except nobody knows what it is, not even those who ward against it. The story takes place on an isolated island that doesn’t want to be connected to the mainland, and meanwhile, there are generational clashes, family feuds, and the conflict keeps rising…

And while the action keeps rising and the author manages to completely creep you out, he also managed to develop the characters and make you care about them. What a feat!

There are a few things that might be construed as negative:

  1. The writing is a bit choppy in places. I don’t mind the abundance of short sentences and fragments, which is the author’s style, but some people do.

  2. There’s a lot of head hopping, but I think it’s done well. Basically, almost every scene happens in a new person’s head, and half of the time it happens with people we haven’t heard about before, so it could become a bit tiring.

  3. There are some punctuation errors throughout the whole book, but from all the errors out there, I think punctuation ones are least annoying.

Since I liked the style and I thought the head hopping was done well, I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes to read fast paced chilling mystery/horror/thriller and multifaceted writing/storytelling.

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