I did a Tarot reading for you and rebels are saying it's creepily accurate.

People tell me my Tarot readings are wickedly accurate, so I did a tarot reading for you, my ideal client. Enjoy.


I have never in my life done something so radical.

Which reminds me. Apparently saying you do Tarot readings is a bit tricky, and you're supposed to say that you're doing it for entertainment purposes.

*So this Tarot reading was done for entertainment purposes.*

I have done Tarot readings for friends, family, and strangers at hen parties (so much so that every girl at the hen party lined up to wait her turn), and they have all experienced the same thing - insight. I'll be honest and tell you why that happens - because the cards reflect what you think back to you.

I actually do "real" readings - you can sign up for one over on my coaching page - and it's going to be a lot more detailed and personalized for you. (My advice is to reach out to me when you have a decision to make or when you feel conflicted about something.) Until we get to the point where we're comfy enough to do a reading together, I just wanted to do an experiment where I read for my ideal client. I mean, it beats any boring persona exercise, dunnit?

As you know, my ideal client is the creative rebel:

Who doesn't follow what everybody else says, but does things their way.

So doing something unconventional definitely fits the target audience.

However, this is not just a reading for the creative rebel, but actually for the person who comes to me for coaching (to help with your most authentic brand or business or if you have one already, to help you rebelify it) and the person who comes to read my blog and who needs my guides, etc.

You will find that I've described you in detail in the video below.



I hope that you enjoyed the video, and if it truly is creepily accurate for you, then go ahead and apply for coaching for creative rebels.

Can't wait to work with you. :)

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Violeta Nedkova

Violeta Nedkova is a multipassionate marketer who loves helping people. She talks and writes about marketing with purpose and personality because it's so much better than traditional marketing.