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 Sometimes I make funny faces.

Sometimes I make funny faces.

  1. I live in Bulgaria.
  2. I have a 15 year-old cat called Sissy.
  3. I am a multipassionate #ENFP and #HSP.
  4. I am a writer first and everything else second.
  5. I graduated in Psychology, but never really wanted to go further than that, except for coaching.
  6. They say my Tarot readings are wicked accurate and my spirit animal is a polar bear. 
  7. I always cry at the end of Forrest Gump and know the words to each episode of Gilmore Girls.
  8. I believe that we are all different, and in our differences lie our strengths. I also believe that there's always a way: YOUR WAY. Like Frankie said.
  9. Here's my "how I became my own boss" story and the "how I found my authentic path" story.
  10. Here's what I'm doing NOW.