Do you feel like you're not in control of your days? Like your creativity runs you, rather than the other way around? Take back your control by improving your habits.


IMPROVE your creative process massively by turning your bad habits into better ones.


Let me guess... these days it's mostly touch and go. You get up, get ready, and suddenly, half the day is gone and you find yourself procrastinating, perfecting, and resisting your creative work. 

There's no progress made because you're at the mercy of your Muse, of your personality, and mostly, of your bad creative habits. 

I created this course because I've been where you are, recently in fact, and it took me quite a lot of work to reclaim my days and start getting sh*t done, thanks to a sleuth of better habits. Because habits constitute the majority of your day, and because most of your creative habits are probably questionable, it's normal to find yourself in this no-(wo)man's-productivity land, but that doesn't mean you have to stay there. 

In this course, I'll show you how to change your habits easily, how to invest in the right habits, and how to make the new ones stick.

It has a ton of exercises, examples, and further resources.

It's what I needed 1 year ago, and now you have it. :)


Are you at the mercy of any of these?

Creative people have a lot of bad habits, but if we let our habits control our lives, then we'll never make any progress or headway toward our dreams. If you want to fix this, check out the Better Creative Habits course. 

Then I think you need this...


Lesson 1:


Where you'll learn about habits in general and their structure in particular, and about the easiest way to change a habit, ever. (Hint: It has nothing to do with willpower.)

Lesson 2:


Where you'll learn about creatives' worst limiting beliefs and how to turn them around, so you can create joyfully and make progress. (Hint: Some of these cause your bad habits!)

Lesson 3:


Where you'll learn what your core challenges are, understand how they relate to your bad habits, and come up with ways to override them. (Hint: It's just like going to the doctor's.)


Lesson 4:


Where you'll learn how trusting and honoring your natural ways will help you develop better habits and a better process. (Hint: You'll see what happens if you go against your ways.)

Lesson 5:


Where you'll learn why some habits are more powerful than others and how they can produce a positive avalanche effect in your creative life. (Hint: This is my personal holy-wow discovery!)

Lesson 6:


Where you'll learn how to stick to your new, better, creative habits and if that proves difficult, how I stuck to mine with the help of a single "hack." (Hint: It's a not gross, don't worry.)






-Ana-Maria Rusen

-Ana-Maria Rusen

I LOVED it. I loved how you managed to take such a big topic and split it into manageable steps and make the whole process so much simpler than many of us generally think of it. I've struggled and been overwhelmed with creating better habits for quite a while now and this course really changed my perspective and helped me actually start the process without feeling overwhelmed anymore. 
The ideas about only needing to change our response to the cue and tipping habits were big a-ha moments for me. They're the things that really stuck in my mind, and even now, almost a month later, I remember them constantly, without having to look over the course - they've just become part of how I look at things day-to-day, and two of the things I use consistently to help me keep moving forward.
This was very eye-opening and practical at the same time. :) 
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Let's do this!


When you buy the course, you'll get instant access to the lessons.

Investment: $35

Choose this one if you want to get the course AND one-on-one coaching.

Investment: $135

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I'm Violeta, your course instructor.

I'm a coach for fellow creative rebels and multipassionates, who are tired of following everybody else's rules and who want to go back to what they love to do and what they do best. 

I've been a creative my whole life, a blogger for over 10 years, in business for 7 years, and a coach for 3 years, so I take all this stuff very seriously. So you're in good hands. :)



You'll be able to change your habits easily.

And you'll feel relieved to have more control over your days.

Habits account for most of your days, so if you don't have control over your habits, you don't have control over your days. After this course you'll reclaim some of that control and be able to do your creative work unencumbered.



You'll be able to show the nay-sayers in your life.

They say you can't change, that you have no willpower, but you don't need any to change your habits.

This was the biggest mindset shift I had to undergo during my work with habits. I started out believing it was SO difficult, and only later discovered there were easier way to change your habits, and that most people don't know them. Don't worry, I got you covered.


You'll be able to turn your limiting beliefs around.

Because those are detrimental to anyone, especially creatives.

Whether you realize it or not, you have a number of beliefs about yourself and your creative work that are standing in your way, and if you want to be happy and successful, you'll need new, positive beliefs to replace them, and you'll get that in this course.


You'll have faced your core fears and challenges. 

And you'll have emerged victorious with grace and confidence.

Your core challenges in life very much dictate everything you do and if you tackle those, there won't be anything you can't do. Habits will be easy-peasy after you have done gone through such an epic transformation.


You will find it easier to stick with your new habits.

Because what good is a habit if you can't stick with it?

Once a habit solidifies, you don't have to worry about it, but until then there's a period in which you'll be faced with resistance. It's critical that you're ready for that period. I got you covered.



You'll feel better overall.

And not just in your creative life, but in every facet of your life.

What I'll teach you in one of the lessons will change the way you see habits and show you how to create habits that positively transform your entire life. I have done this myself and every day, I feel the difference. 


Don't let your habits run your days.

Be the one who runs things.


Before going through the Better Creative Habits course, I wanted to be more productive and get more done during the day, but I didn't have a framework for how to do that. After the course, I had specific notes for actions to try in order to improve my productivity through everyday habits. For anyone that's unsure of where to begin, I recommend this course as an easy-to-digest introduction.

-Meghan Hartman-Gomez

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When you buy the course, you'll get instant access to the lessons.

Investment: $35

Choose this one if you want to get the course AND one-on-one coaching.

Investment: $135


Who's this for?

This course is for creative people - bloggers, writers, freelancers, creative business owners, etc. - who feel out of control and who can't seem to get things done because they've developed some harmful habits, like waiting for the Muse, perfectionism, procrastination, succumbing to resistance, etc.

And if your current goal is to reclaim your days and get back your control over your creativity, creative process, and your life, this is for you. 

What's the deal with habits?

Habits account for most of our days. So if you don't address your habits and leave them as they are, you might be looking at spending the next few years in unproductive and lack-of-progress mode. I've been there, I know.

However, if you do take the reigns, you might find yourself actually meeting deadlines, completing projects, creating consistently, etc.

If you want to be a professional creative, take a look at your habits.

But I really don't have the willpower to do this!

Aww, I'm so with you on this. *hug*

Don't worry, my friend, this is not about willpower, there is a simple method for habit replacement, which takes much less willpower than starting new habits or quitting others. I've done it again and again, even though I've zero willpower.

And that's just in the first lesson!

Another thing we'll do together is go to the source of your bad habit, so we can deal with it, knowing exactly what it is and where it came from. That's much more effective than going in blind or throwing sh*t on a wall hoping it would stick.

At the end of this course, improving your habits will seem so much easier than when you started. That's my personal promise to you. :)

How is this course different?

I have personally developed the strategies, methods, and exercises in this course, from my work on my habits and helping fellow creative rebels with theirs. I don't believe in blueprints because we're all different people and different things work for everyone, so my belief is that you'll find YOUR WAY in these lessons.

My part is to give you the tools, it's up to you how you use them. 

How long will I have it for?

You will have lifetime access to this course, including access to new additions. (For example, if a student asks a question, I would make sure all the students see the answer (I'll notify you!) in lesson form or something similar.) 

It's safe to say that this is a course that's going to keep on giving. :)

Other questions?

Just shoot me an email at