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On This Site


Before the Pivot


No time for full-fledged blogging? Try these hacks.

Best Free Stock Photo Sites for Blogging and Design

A 3-Step Model for Quality Writing

Social Media

Why You Absolutely Need to Let Your Personality Shine Online

A Meta List of Twitter Lists You Can Use to Silence “Twitter Noise”

Don’t Leave the Best Ideas Hanging


We are not exploitable. (Say no to “free work”!)

Why Startups Fail and How to Build Up Interest Before the Launch

Not Every Startup Is Meant to be a Platform


After the Pivot

How to Pivot Like a Pro (Or Like Me Anyway)


Other Places


Work Backwards: The Key to Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

How to Approach the Problem of Anonymous Feedback

Introducing New Habits in the Meeting Room


The Amazing Power of Books, Routines, and Small Wins

How to Get 2000 Organic, Targeted, & Engaged Twitter Followers in Just 2 Months 

I want my emails with extra personality, please!


We Asked If Remote Working Was Sustainable

We Asked People about the Skills They’ve Had to Teach Themselves

How to Use Multi-Purpose Tools to Create Your Perfect CV


Maker Hunt: The Community of Makers

Cymbolism: This Test Will Make You Forget about Color Psychology


Significant Mentions

Exploring Growth Hacking with Violeta Nedkova

Blazing Your Own Path with Violeta Nedkova [podcast]

8 Great Marketing Blogs You Probably Don’t Follow (But Should)

8 Women Who Know Growth Marketing Like A Pro!


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