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And you're here because you're sick of following everyone else's rules. You want to be your own boss and do things YOUR WAY. Dammit.

Violeta Nedkova, coach for creative rebels and multipassionates

I spent my entire life silenced by others. 

When I was a child, I didn't understand the other girls, so I kept quiet. When I was a teenager, I alienated my class because I wouldn't sign a document. And when I finally grew up, I realized that society's idea of a good life didn't fit me, at all. So I fumbled my way through young adult life by taking sucky jobs and starting temporary projects.

“Not all those who wander are lost.

For the longest time, my life was that quote by Tolkien. Except, I was wandering and I was lost. 

So I immersed myself in things I loved - writing, traveling, and online projects. My travels took me here and there, but through it all, I kept starting online projects because that was the only release I could find for the rebel within.

In 2012, things started changing.

I had just found the world of entrepreneurship and my latest side project was gaining attention like Gangbusters.

Before I knew it. I was asked to consult people on growing their startups. I was completely in over my head, but enjoyed it nevertheless. Everything was going great.

That is, until I started asking questions about what I was doing and why I was doing it, and the answers finally led me to the very awkward realization that:

I had become completely disillusioned with marketing.

I couldn't believe how I'd chosen something so soulless as my career when I was so creative. I couldn't understand why nothing was ever good enough and why I couldn't be satisfied with what I had. And finally, I couldn't accept the fact that I could never be one of the "normal people," whose life seemed so easy and who fit in so naturally.

So despite a steady stream of clients, I dropped marketing.

That's when I sought the help of a (very expensive) coach, who reminded me that I needed to find a kind of marketing that fit me, not the other way around. EUREKA!

The idea that the world could fit me instead of me constantly trying to fit it was a game changer.

It was my aha-moment, the one I'd been waiting for my whole life, and I was so happy and grateful that the answer came from a fellow creative rebel.

A rebel was (re)born that day.

After I reinvented what marketing was supposed to look - and feel like - for me, I could finally build a brand that was more me than anything I've ever done before. I could finally start a business I was proud of and that felt right.

After I started my business in 2015, my purpose was clear - helping creative rebels go back to rebel basics.

There wasn’t just passion inside me, there was purpose as well!

I finally felt like I fit into my own life, that I was creating things that were built to last. It's an amazing feeling.

Now I wake up every day excited to help fellow rebels start their own businesses, which are just as unique and creative as they are. I wake up every day growing a brand (in a non-yucky, non-salesy, but fun and authentic way) that is the love of my life, and I still can't believe it has grown into a business that gives me the freedom to dream and live fully.

I'm not saying this to brag, I just want to help you do the same in your own life. I want to help you find your purpose, start your own creative business, and just do what you love and do it YOUR WAY. Because you deserve it.

Are you ready to share your truth with the world?

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I think you are. Let's reinvent.


Choose your adventure!

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Sometimes I make funny faces.

Sometimes I make funny faces.

  1. I live in Bulgaria.

  2. I graduated in Psychology.

  3. I am a multipassionate #ENFP and #HSP.

  4. I am a writer first and everything else second.

  5. They say my Tarot readings are wicked accurate and my spirit animal is a polar bear.

  6. I always cry at the end of Forrest Gump and know the words to each episode of Gilmore Girls.

  7. I believe that we are all different, and in our differences lie our strengths. I also believe that there's always a way: YOUR WAY. Like Frankie said.

  8. Here's my "how I became my own boss" story and the "how I found my authentic path" story.

  9. Here's what I'm doing NOW.



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You will never have an abundant and aligned life if you don't accept who you are and what comes naturally.


You don't have to follow other people's rules just because they expect you to. You need your own rulebook.


The path to happiness starts from knowing yourself. It is the greatest wisdom to look in rather than out.


We're all different individuals - we have our strengths and weaknesses, and that's what makes us unique.


We're all creators, but we do not all prioritize creativity in our lives and work. This is for those who do.