see how other creative rebels are shaking things up and let's be rebels for the next 40 days.

The pay what you can offer ended on October 18, 4pm UTC.

40 Days of Creative Rebellion by Violeta Nedkova

This fun handbook is a special treat for anyone who is tired of the usual and ready to shake things up a bit.

It is full of creative rebel prompts or challenges, which you can complete yourself AND learn about other rebels and their crazy experiments. So you not only get to be challenged every day for 40 days, but you also get to see some of the most brilliant creative rebels in action. Not to mention, every prompt is super short and snappy.

Tired of things as usual? Rebel it up!

Or watch the demo first and see how wild and long my hair used to be.

Day 1 of 40 Days if Creative Rebellion
Day 2 of 40 Days if Creative Rebellion
Day 3 of 40 Days if Creative Rebellion
Day 4 of 40 Days if Creative Rebellion
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I'm Violeta, and I'm a multipassionate creative rebel.

I have been blogging for more than 10 years and doing it professionally for 5 years, and I have been coaching creative rebels for 2 years. Before that I was a marketing consultant specializing in content and social media marketing. 

I am most passionate about collaboration and curation, the 2 things that bring me where I am today.