30 Days of Sucking: A Challenge for Creative Rebels, Who Have Fallen in The Trap of Perfectionism

30 Days of Sucking

(A challenge for creatives who have fallen in the trap of perfectionism.)


Hey there, rebel! 

Don't worry, this has nothing to do with sex or vampires.

If you found yourself here, you probably have a bit of a problem called perfectionism. It's messing with your flow, your inspiration, and your productivity. You know there's no such thing as "perfect" and still, you can't shake off this desire to make things perfect, even after they're done, leading you to creating big hot messes.

Don't worry, I have found the perfect solution. *wink*

It's the 30 Days of Sucking Challenge!

The challenge has helped me relax and take things less seriously. It's also helping me find the fun in my business and squash the perfectionism bug. Finally, it will flex your commitment and discipline and persistence muscles.

The Rules:

1. Pick something you've never done before.

It can be something that may or may not help your business. It can be knitting or lettering or even something that scares you a little. I chose podcasting because I'm way too conscious about my voice. As you can hear, there's no editing and most of the time I sound sleepy or sad or awkward. WHATEVER.

The whole point is to realize that putting something out there is a lot better than taking FOREVER because "it's not perfect yet." Just make sure you choose something FUN. You will make no progress if you're dreading your daily assignment.

2. Commit to sucking at it for 30 days.

Here's the fun part - I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO SUCK.

You will suck at whatever you choose for 30 days and no less. Ideally, it would be 30 consecutive days, but I know life happens, so try to do it daily, but don't beat yourself up if you skip a day or a weekend. Just make sure you make it to Day 30.

I know it's hard to finish things sometimes, but it's important to learn to commit and suck it up (ha!). Think of this challenge as a character-building exercise. Whatever comes out of this, you'll be a better creative for it.

3. Share your progress as you go.

If you don't share, it didn't happen. Sorry.

You can share on social media or in The Creative Rebels group. Sharing will not only keep you accountable to yourself, but it will also inspire others to join and beat perfection at its own game. Together, we do better.

I mean, just look at how bravely Jean-Louis (skateboarding), Bruno (UX) and Kritika (podcasting) are sharing their progress with the world!

Before committing, a couple of things you can do:



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1. Why do I need to pick something new?

Because it's hard to unlearn things we've already learned.

For example, trying to suck at writing would be painful for me as I've perfected it over the last decade. Podcasting, on the other hand, is easy to screw up and let go of because I haven't learned so much about or invested so much in it beforehand.

Instead of trying to change your habits, just create new ones!

2. Can I do fewer than 30 days?

Of course! Pick a number and stick with it. Ideally, it would be 2-4 weeks, but you're a rebel, so do what you have to do and make the most of it. 

3. Do I really have to share?

Yes. There's a sweet release that happens when you let go of your creative work in this way. When you open it up to criticism, you free yourself of the fear that comes with it. Trust me, this is the most important step of the process.