Be Kind, Big Brother’s Watching

Happy Sunday, everyone! Just a quick note today.

I only just heard about the poor boy called Tony Robinson, who lost his life on Friday. You can Google him if you want.

My point is this:

I read a tweet and re-tweeted. Then I tweeted that it was a bummer to start Sunday off like this. Apparently, this can be dangerous.

It resulted in a bunch of people telling me off about how I didn’t check the “facts” and how I should have before tweeting. Sorry, but twitter is real time. I’m sure everybody who uses it knows that.

So ask first before being rude to people publicly. Big Brother’s watching. And I will re-tweet every single rude comment you make, so everyone can see. And I will write about it, so others don’t make my mistake.

Social media’s designed for helping, not bashing.

And always, always think about what you put out there. You never know who will see it, what they’ll say, and where your words will reach. I’d much rather be made fool out of for something I didn’t know than being outright horrendous to someone. These things can haunt you.

So yeah. No need to be rude to somebody for an honest mistake. Ask before you point the stick. And instead of throwing rocks, throw flowers.

Thank you for reading this rant. Now go be awesome. 😉


Have you ever tweeted anything that resulted in a mess? Tell me about it.

And for the next time it happens, do what I did – think about the people who make twitter amazing and block the person who just offended you. Hold out for more comments and you’ll see there will be more kindness on the way and zero rocks. ❤

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