2 thoughts on “The Pyramid of Communities: Not Every #Startup Is Meant to Be a Platform

  1. I think the hardest part is that people don’t know each other, so why should they care about the other person’s content or opinion. The internet is, if you ask me, a very selfish place. I think many people who start a community believe in the greater good but expecting people to give their time needs to serve personal purpose. People won’t become active unless they’ll ‘get something’ for it, which is why gamification or at least a reaction from the staff in the beginning is so important.


    • Hi Monika! 🙂

      First of all, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. But I have to disagree with you – respectfully – in my experience, the Internet has been nothing but nurturing and mind-expanding. People are super helpful and understanding as long as you are honest, open, and care about them and what they do. As for communities, I have been member of many that have literally created life-long relationships and even job opportunities. Currently I could not even be doing what I love for work if it hadn’t been for the amazing and helpful people I have met online and in those communities.

      In my experience, if you are the first to give, people usually reciprocate by giving back. And when a community nurtures its members (like buffer) and engage them in wonderful ways, people give their time freely and happily.

      I am sorry you see the Internet as a selfish place. How can I help you see it differently? 🙂 You are awesome, keep doing amazing things, Monika!


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